Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Free!! Free!!!

Yesterday, we, TESL’ians, were officially done with our major and minor paper for this semester!


As soon as I got back to my place, I felt so tired so I took a nap. It is such a relief to be done with those papers. We felt like the burdens on our shoulders were being lift up!

MAN! What a relief!

Then later that night we [PUDING] wanted to kind of celebrate being release from the prison of major and minor papers. So we head out in Effa’s ‘cekodok’ to Deli’s Restaurant.

Though my favourite food there [ Mee Kari/ Curry] was not being prepared that night due to what I don’t even know. Tsk..tsk.. but I still had a great night having dinner with my lovely, close, cute, beautiful friends!!

[Yes!Yes! I’m complimenting them. Haih~]

So, let’s take a peep at the pictures!


Romantic??.. haha!!!

I think, most of us TESl’ians are really happy and grateful because we are done with our heavy papers. I saw Mastura and Hajar at my place chit chatting with their friends, they don’t come to my place that much unless they have some duty or stuff to do and handle. But that night they were chit chatting! Then when I was walking with Jos to Effa’s house, I saw Jaja, Yuyu and Mieza at the court with their laptop, doing something, having fun! Then I bumped into Sheena and Faezah, bringing food to Scha’s place, celebrating, I guess. Everyone is out and having fun!

 Including me, of course, ehem! Haha!!

Well, it is all for a night. We still have two more papers to go, and that is university’s subject papers. Something to do with education, I guess. We are in Sultan Idris University of Education, so.... duhhh~

We had joy, we had fun, we had the time for the night.
But we still have to study for two more papers in a row..

Haha!!.. See! See! I’ve changed the lyric a bit! Westlife! Season in the sun! Haha!!

Okay, let’s open our book now. Two more papers to go. 

Let’s ...........zzzzzz~~ 


Sunday, November 28, 2010

HAppy Birthday Housemates!!!


I’m not such a good housemate this time around because I don’t even know what day does my housemates’ birthdays falls on.

Today [28/11/2010] is Qema’s birthday and she turns 20! A new era I suppose, but still, she doesn’t look like 20 year old at all, physically, I mean. She’s a small cute girl that people will mistaken her for a form 1 or a form 2 girl. Seriously! She’s a happy go lucky girl and always smiles. She’s a friendly girl and I don’t feel awkward at all when I’m around her as she always has something to joke around with me.

Next is Qema’s roommate, still my housemate of course, that is Fatimah. Her birthday was on the 19th of November. She turned 21 that Friday, same age as me. She’s rather a ‘all-to-herself’ type of girl, maybe. She’s friendly too but I don’t talk too much with her. She’s nice and whenever she cooks something, she will always ask me to join her which is so sweet of her.

Both Qema and Fatimah are from Kelantan, also they both took Arabic Language here in UPSI together with our two other housemates.

One more birthday girl in my place is Kak Yana! She turned 22, I think, last Thursday, that is on 25th of November. She’s a sporty! I like her a lot! I can have long chat with her and she’ll pay attention to me. A good listener. She’s from Pahang and taking ‘Pengajaran Pendidikan Islam’ in UPSI.

Yeah, it seems like all of my housemates are the religious and pious girls, but they are still young adults, which means, they have their own way of craziness. Haha!
I’m not so close with my housemates this semester but we do talk to each other, at least, okay.

I refuse to talk more about the relationships between me and my housemates in my entry today as it will go out of topic. Hehe.
So, to my dear fellow housemates whose birthday falls on this torturing month of November as we have to face final examination, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

May you achieve all your goals in life, become successful and ‘semoga Allah murahkan rezeki kamu’.



Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tea Time @ No.32!!

My entry for today is going to be on FOOD!!

Today, after Asar, I went to Effa’s place because she wanted to make something [food] and asked me to join along.

I don’t know what does she calls it, but I think it’s something close to ‘Banana Chocolate Rolls & Green Apple Chocolate Rolls’.. the rolls is “kulit popia”.. hehe...
She got the recipe from Facebook where her cousin tagged her in that recipe note. What does it taste like? SEDAP LAH OP KOS!!

How to make it? Well, you can go to this blog and check it out yourself.

We ate it together with some Vanilla ice-cream. Yummy!

Maybe later on we’ll do a real popia with some vegetables it it. It’s quite easy to make them.

If I have some time and if I do go back to Kamil’s place, I’ll make them for my Mummy! Insya-Allah... ^^,

Thanks Effa!! She always feeds us PUDING, making us fat, and she eats less than we do because all of her food is being eaten by us. HAHA!! 


But poor Chewy she couldn’t tag along as she had major headache, so she took some pills and doze off. Hope she gets well soon because we still have another final exam paper on Monday and two more on the 4th of December.

Then, after Maghrib, me and Jos were hungry, so I was thinking of ‘tapau’-ing some food but as soon as we reached Green-C’s restaurant, we decided to dine in instead. I think this is the 1st time I ever eaten alone with Jos in a restaurant. It’s like a date! Hehe...

She ordered “Mee Basah’ while I ordered “Nasi Goreng Paprik Daging” as I haven’t eaten rice yet today. It was a good meal and I had a great time discussing some issues with Jos, regarding the MTV music video.

Actually, I don’t even know what else to type here for my entry today. Because it is suppose to be about food right? But what I’m about to continue on typing here is not about food, but my August dilemma, which now I’m deciding not to type it out.

 Why? Well, because I don’t think it’ll benefit me in any way.

So, that’s it I guess for my entry today. Will be updating on.......erm.... I don’t know.. Haha!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Paper = SLA!

I woke up at 6.30am, due to not being able to sleep last night.

Prayed, showered, had my breakfast [I know I can’t have breakfast so early in the morning, but since I didn’t had dinner last night, so I was hungry], then I sat down, looking at my notes.

The last time I did this was last semester if I was not mistaken, and for one paper only, and it was CALL. Usually I can’t focus so much if I’m half asleep. [of course!]

But since I felt like I don’t have enough input to throw it all up on the paper during exam later on, I was motivated to read some more while stuffing my face with bread.

Eating bread with ‘kaya’ brings my memory back to childhood!

Alhamdulillah, I was ready for the exam. Thanks to Effadila Su’aif, who had explained to me about the theory thoroughly. I’m so glad that I decided to go out at night to her house and ask her to explain it to me, if not I wouldn’t be prepared. 

Oh Effa!!! Thank You So Much Dear!

Chewy and Elly helped too. They gave extra explanation on certain things that I don’t understand. 

Oh how lucky I am to have such great friends all around me~

So, by 8am, all six of us ride on Effa’s ‘cekodok’ to Proton City, because the exam is being held there. Unfortunate for Effa, she was having stomach ache. All five of us were placed in PC 8 while Nina in PC14 because she is in group B, we’re in group A.

What makes our examination hall interesting was that the ‘pengawas peperiksaan’ [examiner??] was so funny! He was talking while we were filling up the forms [plus our ‘nama kursus’ is the longest one that I have ever known, for us to write it down is already tiring..] that he exceeded 5 minutes from the actual time that the exam suppose to begin.

So what he did was, he took the clock, and changed the hime back to 9am! Hahaha!! 

All of us were laughing. How can he possibly do that? It’s wrong, but it’s funny. Plus we do need solid 2 hours to answer the questions.

Yes, we only need to answer 2 questions but one question took me an hour to answer! Why? Well, the content of course. I wrote like 5 pages! If it was typing, then it won’t be tiring and consume so much time, but we have to write it down! That’s what makes essay type examination tiring.

The education system should consider typing rather than writing for examination, because we just need to submit the answer to the lecturer via email or any special system between the lecturer/teacher and students. No need to cut down more trees in order to have sheets of papers to print out the questions and provide answering papers or booklets, don’t you think so?


Alhamdulillah, all went well for Second Language Acquisition paper. 

This part of my duty is done! YES!

Next paper, tomorrow is Phonetics and Phonology. The one that most of us are not satisfied with our carry marks. Haih~

Can we score in this final exam for this paper? I don’t even know, but Insya-Allah we will.

“Ya Allah, kurniakanlah kami daya ingatan yang kuat dan daya pemahaman yang tinggi, hanya kepada-Mu kami bermohon. Engkaulah Tuhan yang Maha Mendengar lagi Maha Mengasihani~”


Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy November.

Yes, I have a very crazy November. Though November hasn’t ended yet, I still consider this month as the craziest month for me, this year.

So many things happened to me this month, so many things that I have to face this month, so many unnecessary things that I did this month. Easier for me to say, things got out of hand.

Having a blog doesn’t mean that I can type out whatever feelings and emotions that I am having right now, because it’ll just be a mess. Lately I try to control my emotions, not letting them take control of me because it’ll lead to destruction, I can guarantee you that. Because I’ve been there, done that. Letting your emotion takes control of you is not good at all. You’ll end up being angry, disappointed, then you cry. And I HATE THAT. People hates you too if you do things base on your emotions, and not your head [ brain].

Currently, I feel so frustrated! I’m having my first paper for my final exam tomorrow and now I feel the pressure. Not because of the exam, pressure because I can’t focus on what I’m reading! I keep thinking about STUFF in my head. It keeps on playing in my head. I always face this mess the day before my final exam starts.

I will keep thinking about the things I’ve done before in  my life, the things that I’ve regretted doing in my life, the things that I could have avoided doing them in my life. For me to type this entry without letting my emotion takes control of me is very hard, because I am so FRUSTRATED right now. I feel so PRESSURED right now.

NO! It’s not about the final exam! It’s just me..... I guess. UURRGGHHHH!!!!

Assignments month, I can handle that though I’ll be half dead trying to finish them off, but this crazy month, I’ll go insane~

You must be wondering what is so crazy about November? I did have a splendid Raya Haji, I got 2 weeks break staying at home spending my time with my family. So, what is so crazy about this month?

Well, for me to tell, is an absolute NO! NO! Let just say, I was crazy, in a way. But in a demure kind of crazy, you know what I mean? Because I don’t even know what I’m typing out right now.

 “Ya Allah, tenangkanlah hati hamba-Mu ini Ya Allah, sesungguhnya, hanya pada-Mu ku memohon pertolongan. Berikanlah ketenangan kepadaku Ya Allah, aku bermohon~”


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Final exam??? Gud luck~

People always say that when you’re nervous, you’ll feel like there’s butterfly in your stomach. Well, in my case, I don’t, but I’ll have BLOOD-RUSH!

And that happened to me 2 days before final exam begins. The 1st paper is SLA [Second Language Acquisition] and I haven’t studied anything! Why? Well, I don’t feel like studying. I did try, I opened up my notes, looked at it..... and yawn~

When I don’t feel like studying I won’t study, even if I force myself. I’ll gain nothing but only boredom. I know it sounded like I’m lazy, well, I have been lazy since school year if it has to do with reading. I’m taking TESL, what do I expect? 

Man, I miss my school year and college, where there’s math for me to do. If I were given math task piled up on my desk, I’m willing to do it without even going to sleep. Math was my boyfriend~

But if you give me economics, business, history... I’LL DIE~

But accounts, yeah, I can still manage that, one of my favourite subject too. Well, whatever that has to do with counting is my favourite, I’ll say MY LIFE!!

Yeah, I know I’m in no position to complain right now. Plus I’m already in my second year doing my degree. But to me, reading subjects, you have to do it last minutes so that the info will still be fresh in your head! Haha!... But seriously.. I’m not joking. In order to do that, of course you have to understand the subject first, and you have to do it when you were in class!

What I do is, I’ll try to focus in class and understand what the teacher is talking about, not SLEEP!! [okay, sometimes I doze off when the lecturer is talking unnecessary topics in class]
Once I understand them, Insya-Allah it won’t be hard for me to revise later on as I had understood the lesson. Get it? Get it? Plus in my opinion, final exam is about wanting to see what do I get from learning this whole semester? Did I gain anything? Was I learning something? You know what I mean. Yes, of course we need to revise in order to get great marks, I do that too, the only bad thing about me studying is that I do it last minute. But, in all seriousness, I do think final exam is about what I gain this whole semester. Surely I can answer them if I was paying attention in class, right? But in some cases (I mean class), even if I did pay attention, I gain nothing. Why? No info was given other than someone’s life story. Sigh~

I’m not the type of a student that will get nervous on exams, except for one paper only, that is MATHEMATICS! Because I always want to get the perfect score for Math, and I’ll get so frustrated if I can’t find the answer for the problem. Haih... How I miss mathematics~

Enough of me complaining about not doing math here in UPSI, and studying last minute. The purpose I’m typing this entry is because I was bored reading SLA notes and as I was going through the notes, my mind was somewhere else. I couldn’t focus, I was even thinking about the title of my blog entry for today. See, how I can’t focus on reading subjects. I was revising for not even an hour and my mind was flying somewhere else.

That’s all I guess for my entry today.

For all TESL’ians, I know not many of us are in love with SLA, but we can still do our best and make Mr.Azman proud! Yeah!

Best of luck my fellow TESL’ians! May the force be with us in the battle field!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Men in Ladies Coach & Marriage!

Hello again! Due to boredom I feel like updating my blog today.

My journey from Crown Hill to Tg.Malim by KTM.

I really don’t get it, why men always board the ladies coach when they can clearly see the sticker like right in front of their face?! They really get on my nerve, especially those who wanted to sit next to their girlfriend or wife. If you’re old, yeah I  can understand, but they’re like in their early 20’s! Because of these ignorant men some of the ladies can’t get a sit because they’re the one who’s sitting down. Eyh! BUDUS BTOL!

Not only that they are ignorant enough to board the ladies coach, and steal our seats, they didn’t even gave up their sits for elderly women. BONGONGS!!! I HATE THEM!! They just pretended that they didn’t see that old lady standing in the middle of the crowd holding her bag. STUPID LA WEYH! So, I had to call her (the old lady) up, because I was sitting at the end of the coach, stand up and gave up my sit. Not that I’m complaining, I’m willing to give my sit to anyone who’s in need, but for the men not to even consider giving up their sit is just a total STUPIDITY+IGNORANT= [feel like cursing.... but naaahh~]


When the train reached Mid Valley a guard chased out all the guys from the coach. YES!!! At last! You might wonder why I didn’t chase them out myself like how I did before. Well, I do want to but they were kind of far from me. Plus they were there even before I board the train. So I just leave them alone but I keep on looking at them and sighing loudly. But I think they were just too ignorant. AARGGHHHH!!!!...

Enough of that, let me just continue on my journey back to Tg.Malim. My bags were kind of heavy and I had to climb up the bridge 3 TIMES!!! Once in Batang Benar, then in Rawang, then in Tg.Malim. MAN!!!

When I got back to KHAR [my college], it was so quiet~

I stand at the main entrance, looking at KHAR, nobody was out, only the guard was there. It’s like the western movie where the cowboy stands alone at the road and all he can hear is the wind. Yeah, it was kind of like that.

So, I when to the elevator, press button number 5, heading to my place. I gave salam but nobody answered. No one was home. It was just spooky. Not wanting to spend the night alone all by myself, I went to Chewy’s house and stayed there for the night. Plus I was super-hungry, I didn’t have lunch and it was already Magrib when I reached Chewy’s place. The stores were all closed too, so I can’t buy food anywhere! Lucky me Chewy offered to cook for me. LAP YOU LAH CHEWY!!

We talked a lot that night. We slept at 2.30am having girls talk and one of them was about marriage! Haha!! When to get married, with whom, where, etc. I was planning to get married at 24, to me it’s the best age to get married, but then when I was dumped by him, I really don’t know when to get married or even with whom. HAHA!! For me to finish my degree, I’ll be 24, then if I continue in taking master I’ll be 26, and to take PhD I’ll be 29!!.. Will I get married then? Haih~

Of course at this age most of us girls will think about marriage. But for us to find the right man..... hmmmm.... Sometimes I wonder, why is it so easy for me to get a boyfriend since high school, but in university life...........


 Am I choosy?... Well, we need to be choosy right. We can’t just take anyone from the street and say, “Hey, I like you! Let’s be bf and gf!”

Oh well, the time will come, but when.....

I know I need to focus on my studies, but it’s not wrong for me to think about marriage... RIGHT?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Great Hari Raya Aidil Adha!

I’m not so much of a blogger lately. Don’t really feel like updating my blog at all. Bored? I don’t know. Lazy? Hmmmm...

At the very moment right now,  I am super sleepy due to massive amount of foods that I stuffed my face with today. Don’t blame me, but from what I see, Raya means EATS!!! Haha!!

So, what did  I do and where did I go? It all started two days before Eid-ul-Adha. My sister (Izan) came and pick me up at night (15/11/2010) in Crown Hill and we straight away went to Tesco Kajang, need to buy some groceries for raya.

Izan bought me sandals! Haha!!.. And it’s purple!.. I’m not a fan of purple, she is, but since she insisted in buying  them for me, I have to nod my head and say “Oh it’s lovely~”

Later on I accompanied my niece and nephew to the arcade and played some games though my tummy was playing an orchestra in my belly. (hungry~) Realising how weak and pale my face was ( yes2!!! I’m exaggerating! ), Izan and her husband treat me with KFC!!! Yeay!! We reached home quite late at night because we drove from kajang to bangi to serdang to I don’t know where searching for rice!!! Haha!!..
As soon as my head hits the pillow, it took me like 5 minutes to start dreaming about my future husband. I was so tired, dizzy, sleepy and full.

The next day (16/11/2010), I helped out Izan in the kitchen. She taught me how to cook ‘Udang Masak Tempoyak!’... Due to loss of words on how to describe the dishes, let us just see the picture.

I ate the whole bowl of mix vegetables that Izan made, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of stuffing them up in my belly. I cut some ‘cili padi’ and sprinkled them in the veg. Man, did I had my moment of ‘Kesedapan Melampau’ (I’m a BIG FAN of CILI PADI).

Then, I got the chance of tasting the pasta she made for raya, she made some pizza for me too, ate some cake that Auni brought back from school, ate some junk food, after having my dinner. WHOA!!!! I WAS TRUELY FULL!!! I was as round as a soccer ball! Too much food in one night! Haha!

I slept around 1.30am that night and got up early at 7am. Yes, to me it’s early if I sleep late at night. And that’s how my raya start.

From Putrajaya to WangsaMaju Seksyen 2 to Keramat to WangsaMaju Seksyen 1 to Gombak to Crown Hill. I was with my family and I had a great time. YEAY!

All my siblings were there with my mummy except for Kamil, as usual, he had to work. Hmmm~
We were watching a telemovie at Aunty Yah’s house and this conversation happened.

Sofie: Hensem pulak bangla nih, tuff!! Tp mcm kenal la, dia blakon citer ape ae?

Izan: Tu, yg blakon citer Nur Kasih tu laaa...

Izzee: Eeee.. sofie suka bangla... bangle tuff plak tuh!

Sofie: Mane ade, sofie kata dia tuff jek, x kata sofie suka bangla pun, tp mmg sofie suka tuff2 nih..

Izzee: Jom kita lepak kt KLCC rmai2!!

Abg Hazrul: Kat situ ade rmai bangla!

Izan: Suroh dorg bratur then sofie interview dorg sorg2!!

( Please note that I do not like Bangla, no offence but it’s just not my type, OKAY!)

Enough about that, let’s move on. Then we went to Opah’s house in Gombak.

I get to meet my favourite cousin, NGAH! As usual, we started talking and it’s always me who have something new to tell.

Sofie: Ngah la pulak stori, asyik sofie jek.
Ngah: Ngah punya citer sama jek, xde ape nak citer. Sofie setiap kali datang mesti ade citer and watak baru.

She even told me that my ex-boyfriend when I was in Form 1 is getting married next year! WHOA! We’re 3 years different in age so he’s like 24 years old now. But still, isn’t it too early for a guy getting married at that age?.. Hmm.. oh well... I could care less about him. Haha!!

To cut my Raya Story short, I arrived in Crown Hill by 9pm.

Though I’m tired and sleepy plus feeling super lazy to go back to Tg.Malim tomorrow, I did have a SUPERB Raya Haji this year!.

That’s it.... I guess...


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