Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iftar in Crown Hill

My journey starts yesterday at 9am where Chewy and I went to KTM to ride the train going to our destinations.
I was heading to Crown Hill [Bukit Mahkota in Bangi] while Chewy wanted to meet someone in KL Sentral.

I arrived at KTM Batang Benar around 11.30am [ 2 ½ hours in the train...haihh~]
I called my dad to help pick me up but he wasn’t well so I took a taxi.

‘Pergi mane dik?”
“Bukit Mahkota Seksyen 6”

The ‘pakcik’ and I talked all the way to my dad’s place.

“Adik kerja ape?”
“Eyh, saya belajar lagi la pakcik.”
“Nampak gaya macam orang dah kerja.”
“Takdelah, belaja lagi, kat UPSI.”
“Owh... cikgu la nih.”

I felt a bit happy because he knows what UPSI is. Usually peope will make this questioning face when I mention UPSI as if it does not exist.
Some still call it as Teacher’s Training College, or ‘maktab’.
It’s not a ‘maktab’ or a college okay, hmmphftt~!!

“Gigi engkau lawa la, boleh masuk iklan Colgate!”

Suddenly that ‘pakcik’ said to me because I was laughing on some jokes that he told me.
Well, I was ‘rongak’ before when I was young, so, I really do care about my teeth when I grew up.. hahaa~!!
A couple of minutes later we arrived at No.16, Jalan 6/7B, Seksyen 6, Bandar Bukit Mahkota.

“Berapa ae pakcik? RM15 boleh tak sebab last time saya bayar RM15.. hehee..”
“Ikut suka kamu la nak bayar berapa.”
“RM10 boleh?”
“Boleh.. tak kisah pun.”
“RM1 la pakcik..”

Okay, I know that’s too much to ask, of course I paid RM10, Alhamdulillah...
As soon as I arrived at home, there were tones of things to do. Cleaning, packing, cooking, eating.. hahaa!!
I helped my dad up packing some tuition stuff with my eldest brother,Izzee. But before that I helped Ummie out in making a Chocolate Cheese cake... [WHOA~~~~~]
Yesterday iftar was great, Izzee’s family came, Izan’s family came, Kamil came, but only Amin can’t make it because he got work to do.
We drank and ate light food like ‘cucur udang’ and kurma to break fast, then we prayed Maghrib together. It was so............................................. FAMILY!.. iskh..iskh..iskh... [Terharu jap...]
After prayer, we WALLOP!!!


1. Ayam Beryani
2. Nasi Beryani
3. Daging Bakar.
4. Salad
5. Fruity Puding with Caramel Sauce
6. Banana
7. Cucur Udang
8. Chocolate Cheese Cake.
9. Sirap Cincau
10. Ice lemon Tea
11. Bubur Lambuk

Yeah.. the puding... I LOIKEEE~!!!

Chocolate Cheese Cake... @@,

Bubur Lambuk

Ice Lemon Tea

Ye.. Sofie tau sedap Izan oiii~

Iman Hakimi, Izan's youngest son.

My sis-in-law, Kak Ita helping out with the dishes.. (:

My niece, Quesha, she got slimmer day by day!!... [ jealous mode: ON!]

I had to put this picture.. I HAD TO!!!.. ahahaha~!!!

There were many things to do after break fast because my dad was letting go of the bungalow 
where the tuition centre was located before this. He wanted to do the tuition here in his house which is much convenient.... I think.
So, all of us helped out, but the kids, of course was making loud noises and played around.
To make it short, me, Ummie and Daady went to sleep about 1.30am and we were seriously tired.
But we indeed had a great time. I love family gathering like this once in a while, people talking, joking, laughing..... it’s just a great fun for me.
Yeah, I do miss my sibling but I never say it in front of their faces because they will say.. “mengade ar budak nih..”.. hahaa!!

Today, insya-Allah, it’s mummy’s turn.
My sister, Izan is going to pick me up today and go to Kamil’s place where all of us are going to break our fast there with our BELOVED MOTHER... MUMMY~!!!

I’m so happy though i know assignments are waiting for me back in Tanjung malim... 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Iftar with PSSGM UPSI.

My entry today will be very simple.
Due to feeling sleepy+not enough sleep=tired.

Yesterday, 27th August, PSSGM [Persatuan Seni Silat Gayong Malaysia] invited all of their students in UPSI to join them for iftar.
So, Elly, Chewy, Jiha, Ekin, Kak Lynn and her friend, including me waited for the bus to go to campus after Asar.
And as usually we had to wait for the bus for like 20 minutes.


Me & Chewy..posing while waiting for the bus.

We were suppose to be at the mosque in campus by 4.30pm.
But we reached there at 5.15pm or so.
I thought we were already late but we weren't because there were others who came later than us.
Plus, there was nothing for us to do than wait, again... for like 30 minutes.
Then Cikgu Azman gave a little speech before we start our 'kenduri tahlil'.

For iftar, we had popia, kurma and puding.

oh yeah, and some mineral water too...

We prayed Maghrib first before we had our real meal.
What I don't get is that, why do we need to walk all the way from the mosque near the  gymnasium to somewhere placed near the Language Faculty??
It was quite a long walk and we had to rush because we need to pray Isyak at the same mosque.

Let me talk about the food now.
Well, I didn't manage to take any pictures of our heavy meal because I forgot.. hahaa!!
The meal was 'Nasi Tomato' and it was GOOD!!!

Chewy had to help in serving the food.

Then, we brisk walk back to the mosque.
[creadit to Kak Yen, my former Olahraga instructor in teaching me the term 'brisk walk']
We prayed Isyak together and also 'sunat terawikh'.
Okay, I had to admit that this was my 1st terawikh this year.
And it was really fast!!
By 9.40pm we had finished our prayer [ 8 rakaat].
Though not everybody came for iftar, but it was great enough.
I guess....

The pic is a bit blurry.. what do you expect from a 3.0mp camera phone.. =p

Well, I'm off to Crown Hill today, got another iftar to go to and it is at my Daddy's place.. Yeah~!

staying there till Tuesday, Insya-Allah.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My 1st Sahur.

Muslim all around Malaysia have been fasting for 17 days now.
Alhamdulillah, I manage to go through my fasting month [Ramadhan] quite well.
All along this fasting month, I haven't had my 'sahur' not even once.
I can wake up like 4am or 5am but I just don't feel like eating at all.

So today, here I am in my friend's house, updating my blog after I had my 1st sahur with one of the PUDING, Elly.
Effa went back home last night, so she couldn't join for 'sahur'.
As for Nina and Chewy, they were already fast-asleep, plus they don't need to 'sahur' under certain circumstances... EHEM~!

So, Elly and me went to the kitchen at 2.30am to cook simple meal for our 'sahur' that is "Telur Masak Kicap".
We decided to eat 'sahur' very early because we can't sleep plus we weren't sleepy at all after watching the movie SALT on Elly's laptop.
So, just the two of us having a romantic 'sahur' together and it was lovely!

My BBFF 'marah' me for eating 'sahur' so early and keep on insisting me to have my 'sahur' later on at 5am.
He told me about a speech he heard an Ustaz told him about 'sahur' too!!
But seriously, I don't eat 'sahur' unless Mummy cook it for me.
Or in this case now, I'm not sleepy and I need to do something.. hehe..

I didn't take a picture of the meal as I didn't plan to write an entry on my 1st 'sahur' but I can assure you that it was very "mengenyangkan"!!!!

Later in the morning like 10am, I might have to accompany Chewy to 'Pekan' to buy a new hand phone because her hand phone now is really...................... "TEROK"!!!!
[ if I do wake up early... erk!]

Then later at 4.30pm, have to go to campus.
Iftar [breaking fast a.k.a buka puasa ] handled by the Silat Seni Gayong Gelanggang Tok Jenal.
Have to be there till after terawikh, I think.

Then the next morning [Saturday] I'll be on my way back to my Daddy's place in Crown Hill.
[ Crown Hill = Bukit Mahkota... in Kajang]
Iftar with my Daddy, Ummie, and all my siblings, Insya-Allah...
Going to stay there until Tuesday because on Wednesday I still have lecture class to go to.
Then on Friday back to my Mummy's place in Wangsa Maju.
It's just perfect!

Despite the money I need to use for travelling.... haihhh~

Well, off to bed now I guess...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaking Fast with PUDING!

1st day to break fast, I was with PUDING but that time, we didn't cook.
We bought food from the Bazaar Ramadhan in KUO.
As usual, it's not the same if you cook by yourself, and I mean it SERIOUSLY!

2nd day breaking fast, I was with my house mate.
I ate "nasi kerabu" [ a popular Kelantanese food] and I asked for extra chilies.
As a result, early in the morning, I had stomachache like VEERRRYYY!!!!!

3rd day of breaking fast, us PUDING decided to cook.
Let's take a look at the food!

Okay, for the "kueh" I bought it in KHAR.

The food might look simple and not enough for six us, but believe me, I was so full!
I called the vegetables "Sayur Kubis Pedas" because I was like seriously crying eating it!
The rest of the PUDING were having a great laugh and pleasure seeing me crying while eating.
I purposely took the SPICY CHILLIES!

The food was so good that Jos literally licked the plate!
[Yes, Jos is not obligated to fast but she's FAMILY! So, she joined us breaking fast. (:   ]

Next time, the menu will be 'Spicy Cat Fish'!



Monday, August 9, 2010

The Lost of A friend of Mine & Success of Presentation

Avenue: Effa's Room
Time: 1am
Date: 9/8/2010

Effa: Fie, you kenal ke Murra Itu Shaye?
Fie: Kenal, napew ae? Effa kenal dia ke?
Effa: Takde lah, ada orang post, Murra dah meninggal.

Ya Allah!
Only God knows how I felt at that time.
We were actually doing our assignment and I was doing a video for our presentation tomorrow morning.
I stopped and couldn't continue my work.
I ask Nina if I can use her laptop to check the news in Facebook and it was true.
She died after Maghrib, 8/8/2010.
Her real name was Murahabah.
She was my class mate.
We work together in the Prefect Board when we were Form 1.
I just couldn't believe my eyes reading the news about her death.
It was a REAL SHOCK!

I was sad to hear the news.

She was the same age as I was.
The last time I met her was in Ong Tai Kim situated in Gombak Setia.
And it was like 2 years ago, we even exchange phone number.
She was a kind girl, happy go lucky, always smile.. she was just nice.
Even though I am not that close to her but just the memory of me and her being friends played in my mind when I received the news.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat kepada arwah dan tempatkan arwah di kalangan orang-orangg yang beriman.. Ameen~

Arwah, Murahabah.

Not having enough sleep plus receiving the news about Murra really made me not very energetic this morning.
10am, we have a presentation, and we were the second group to present.
We waited patiently as the lecturer was lecturing us about STUFF.
I was not in the mood for any jokes or anything.
Then it was time to present.
Me, Effa and Ally presented and we just say whatever we remembered regarding our assignment that we did.

We got a good grade!
We could have full marks actually, but just because the speaker was like broken I guess, we couldn't hear the music on the video that I made.
We got 49/50.

That marks that we got really made my day.
I was not that down anymore and start to think that every thing happens for a reason.
And people who live will eventually die.. someday..
it is just the matter of when.
When it comes to death, the first thing that always comes to my mind is that:
"did they have time to repent?"

Ya Allah, ampunilah dosaku Ya Allah dan berkatilah hidup hamba-Mu ini, bimbinglah hamba-Mu ini agar tidak terpesong dari jalan yang telah Kau tunjukkan kepadaku. Ameen~

Friday, August 6, 2010

Puding's visit to clinic! feat Puding's visit to P.C's lake.

The title of my entry today sounds a bit silly, isn’t it?

All PUDING went to clinic? All of us feel sick at the same time??

Let me tell you how come it is so.

Actually it is only me who has an appointment with the doctor due to my infection last week.

So, Chewy decided to do a check-up there as she always look pail and always wanting to faint during silat class.

Then Effa too wanted to do a check up.

Yesterday during our class early in the morning, she said she suddenly felt  dizzy, black out for about 15 seconds, her hands were shivering and she almost fell off of the sit.

Josphine also wanted to do a check up, she recently felt tired easily and her neck hurts.
Ally just wanted to take some supplement. [vitamin]

While Nina, she was just there with us, being a good friend of course! (:

Sophie’s case: Need to watch what I eat, still need to take some medicine.

Chewy’s case: No skipping meals AT ALL!! Breakfast COMPULSORY!

Effa’s case: No “gatal-gatal” food, and also NO SKIPPING MEALS!!!

Chewy and Effa like to skip meals, and it is not good for them. They are thin like no “isi” whatsoever like ME!!
I’m like a camel, I can skip meals, as I have my “isi” to generate energy every time I need them.

Chewy is  the most “BEDEGIL”!! She refuse to listen to me when I force her to eat.

[ bedegil comes from begedil, a type of food that we change the placement of ‘d’ and ‘g’ which bring the meaning of = stubborn]

Same goes with Effa. I know she wants to save cost, but we need to take care of our health too.

I don’t know why my tears drop when I was being angry at Chewy  of her not wanting to eat sometimes.
 [ guess I was worried]

This is the clinic that we went to but I didn’t manage to take a picture from the front of the clinic.

 Klinik Bakti Aminin

As we were already in “Pekan”, we decided to have our lunch there as well.

Pekan = KFC

But not for today, we wanted to try something else.

So, Nina suggested something.

Let us just see the pictures and you will know where we went.

Looking for the restaurant


Nasi beryani + ayam kari + sayur campur = DELICIOUS!!!

My BBFF said I eat the chicken's fat, do I??

I guess Nina And Chewy liked the food very MUCH!!!

I'm going to reveal the name of the restaurant NOW!!!

Restoran Jalal, situated in Pekan Tanjung Malim.
Kuah kari kambing yang TERBAIK!!!!

We went straight home after lunch and here I am again updating my blog.

But before we went to the clinic, Effa drove us to Proton City's lake.

Just wanted to show us the place that we might want to have a picnic someday, Insya-Allah.

[while waiting for Ally & Nina to finish with their Drama Class]

Let's have a look at the pictures that I've snapped!!

On the way, driver + owner of the car = Effadila

This one under here is one of my favourite snap of the day!


As I was the snapper of the day, no picture of me..... except for one..

Me in Effa's car... that's all.. hehe...

It was wonderful in Proton City's recreation park.

For those who live in Kolej Za'ba and Kolej Aminudin Baki....


[ jealous mode : ON ]

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