Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Part-Time or Full-Time???

Assalamualaikum and hey there people of the planet earth!

Again, the title of my entry is in a question form, just like the previous one, Marriage???

I don't know why I do that, maybe because I like the question mark?

But what I know now is that I'm trying to post everyday in my blog since I can excess the internet without having internet in my brother's place.
( What in the world am I trying to say here)

Well, let me just say that, my brother has his own way for me and him to use the internet without having to pay for it... Muahahahaa!!!

Back to the title, I was in a job hunt for 3 days now, ever since I got back to Wangsa Maju to stay with my mom.

I tried F&B restaurant that is Nando's.. then a bakery shop.. then Guardian.. my brother told me to work in Maxis centre, I did consider it, so I went there today when suddenly I saw a place where I very much prefer to work in rather than any place! ( Not permanently of course, during hols only laaa....)



Yes! I like working there. I do have experience working in Secret Recipe before. After I'm done with SPM, I worked in Plaza Idaman, Gombak Setia. And I had a GREAT, SPLENDID, FUN time working there!

So, I went there for a walk-in interview. I fill up the form.

The Supervisor asked me several questions.

Her: Blaja ke skrg?
Me: Tak.
Her: Part-time?
Me: Full time pon boleh.
Her: Kalau dapat, bila blh mula keje.
Me: Sekarang. (senyum smbil ketawa kecil..)
Her: Boleh keje time raya?
Me: Raya 1st tak boleh kot.
Her: Raya 1st & 2nd kdai mmg tutp. Raya ke-3 tu, boleh keje?
Me: No hal.

I did not lie okay, she asked me 'blaja ke skrg" , I said no because tgh cuti kan, mmg la x blaja, hehe....

If you're a student and you know that you'll be working only for several months, you need to know how to promote yourself. What info you need to tell, what info you need to keep. 

That's what my brother told me cuz there ain't nobody out there gonna hire you to work for them if you're gonna leave the place in 2 months time.
(Pardon me for the slang... ehem.)

So, now I'm waiting for 3 phone calls. Bakery, Guardian and Secret Recipe. But I really want to work in Secret Recipe. Oh, pray for me peeps...~~

Did I write my entry today according to the title?

Or did I not?

Oh well, enough said. 

P/S: Really wanna work here. 

Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku. Ameen...~


Monday, June 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello there ma peeps!!

What's up with the title of my entry today?

This is how it triggers me to write about it.

  • My mom always talks about my brother, Amin getting married even though he haven't introduce his girlfriend yet. (does he has one?)
  • My mom always talks about my brother Kamil to get married by next year as he already introduced his girlfriend to her.
  • My mom keeps on telling me to get married by the age of 25.
  • My mom keeps on talking about marriage every time I call her on the phone, and since I got back home, staying with her till Eid-ul- Fitr.



There are only three women in our family.

1. My mom (58 years old)
2. My sister (31 years old)
3. Me (22 years old)

What age they got married?

1. My mom (20 years old)
2. My sister (22 years old)
3. Me ( ??????????)

Let's start off with how many relationships I've been in.
Yeah, you're in for the truth of my relationship's life.
Interested? Well, if you're not, no need to read this part. No pressure. Haha!

These are my monkey loves (direct translation = cinta monyet)

Standard 5 : Faris ( He was in standard 6, we like to exchange lunch box and giving love letters.)
Standard 6 : Single cuz I've just changed school.
Form 1 : Adi ( He was in form 4, he was my back-door neighbour)
Form 2 : Rose (He was my classm8, he was my romeo, and I was his juliet... haha!)
Form 3: Ikram ( He was in form 5, met in 'silat' class)
Form 4 : I had 4 bf. Zul, Mahfuz, Yusman & Izzat. All in different time, not all at once okay. I didn't cheat on them, seriously. I broke off 1st, then I hook up with someone else. Hehe.
Form 5 : Single. ( Cuz SPM?.. 0_o )
Working in Secret Recipe : Hafiz ( He was working in the same Plaza as me)
College: Raimi ( He was in the same lecture group as me, 'kuliah A3')
University: Single (till now)

( You are SO naughty Sophie!! So many boyfriends! You are CRAZY!!!!)

10 boyfriends??!! 
Yeah, I wasn't so serious with them since I was still freaking young at that time.
But I did try to be serious with my boyfie back during college.
Things happen and I refuse to do any flash back cuz it'll just ruin my mood.
And my last bf when I was in form 4, he was a GENIUS! 
How could I ever forget him.
We lost contact but he really inspires me a lot, he can be crazy, lazy and messy, but still did amazingly great in school!
Man, I'm in love with his brain instead now, haha!!

So, there you go. My love life. But now, I'm not with anyone. Not in love with anyone. But have been liking the same person for almost 2years. Who? Someone I meet in UPSI. Wanna noe? You can keep on guessing but I won't tell you, haha!!

After being single for 2years, I frequently ask myself, what is the use of being in a relationship if you wouldn't know how it will end up like. I take myself for an example. I've been in 10 relationships and none of them lasted. Was it because I was still young at that time and never thought of having a good, great, strong relationship? I don't know.

I feel kinda lazy to be in a relationship cuz:

1. Always feeling like sms-ing and calling unnecessarily.
2. Always feeling like dating / meeting up.
3. 'Mrajok' when bz and can't meet up / reply sms or call.
4. Jealousy.
5. Money usage more than I'm suppose to spend.

Am I right? But then again, I feel like wanting to be in a relationship when I see my friends being in a relationship. All the negativity that I've listed above can be avoided. So, I do think I'm capable of being in a relationship with someone right now, right?


I'm kinda choosy right now. I only look for the criteria of a man that my dad and my mom will approve of. The kind of man that I will be proud to bring him home with me and introduce him to my dad, especially. I met the right man, but I don't think he looks at me the same way I look at him. You know what I mean?

So, here I am, wondering who will I ever end up being with in my life.

Am I going to be ready for a marriage?

There is only one thing that I am afraid of doing when I get married. I can do the rest, insyaAllah, but only one thing that I am not so confident on doing it.



Okay, I can cook, but not good in it. Let me put it this way, I'm going to spend the rest of my life with my husband and I can't cook the same thing by rotating the recipes by the days! I'm gonna be like, what to cook, what else to cook, how to cook them, bla blaa blaa....

(I should consider of marrying a chef.)

I talked about this to my sister.

Me: Sofie tau jaga rumah, kemas rumah sume tu, to nk msk ni... haihh...
Izan: Akak pon sama je la mse kawen dulu.
Me: Ape? Tak reti masak?
Izan: Ye lah. Akak mne reti masak. Bapak mentua akak yg ajar masak.
Me: Izan la untung, ade org nk ajar. Tak sume bapak mentua nk ajar menantu dia masak la izan.

And now, my sister can cook delicious foods!

Will my cooking skills be improved by the time I get married? That's the thing I'm worried about. Hmmm..

But one thing that I really want when I get married is to have TWINS!

I remembered a conversation with the person I like when we were having dinner with our friends in Dusun Bay, a restaurant near the place I was staying in Tg.Malim, regarding having twins when getting married later on in life. Wahahaha~!

The big questions here now are:

Am I ready to get married?
When will I get married?

Those two questions keep on haunting my head lately.

Ya Allah, temukanlah aku dgn jodoh yg baik, yg mampu membimbing keluarga aku dan diriku ke jalan yg baik, lurus dan benar. Ameen~

P/S: I would LOVE to be proposed by the man that I love like this.  =D

(Right-click this pic to see the writing clearly)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Liaison Officer _ Dragon Boat, Putrajaya 2011.

Assalamualaikum and hey there peeps!!!

I just got back home last night after spending a week or so in Putrajaya. Why did I stay there? Well, I participated in becoming a Liaison Officer helping out the foreign athletes there. 

What were they doing there? ( I keep on asking myself questions.. haihh).. There was like a Workshop and Coaching Course for them regarding Dragon Boat. I got to say, these athletes are totally athletes, regardless how old they are, their body are so FIT and TOUGH! OMG!!
There was this one guy, I thought he was 20 something, maybe around 26 or 27.. but when he showed me his passport, he’s turning 36 this September! Man, this gives me a kick on the butt to keep fit and exercise a lot! 

Let’s get on my journey for the whole entire week. It starts with my sweet friend Effa coming to my house to pick me up. It was on 21st May where Effa and I headed back to Tanjung Malim. On 22nd May, all of the Liaison Officers (Effa, Kak Huda, J, Elly, Wanie, Nisa, Alyaa, Yufi, Mas and me) arrived. 

On 23rd May, all ten of us went to a HomeStay provided by UPSI which was located in front of the Campus. It was ‘nice’, ‘pretty’ and very ‘comfy’.. ain’t that right girls? 

I didn’t take many pics of the very ‘magnificent’ HomeStay but I did try to snap some pics where it may look a bit nice... maybe? Have a look yourself.  Hehe.

 Posing infront of the HomeStay.

 "beautiful" ain't it.. = ='

Then on 24th May, we headed to the bus stop as we have to take the bus provided by UPSI to go to Putrajaya. In the email, it was stated that we have to register in Pullman Hotel. It is a 5 freaking star hotel! We were like Hoyeah!. But when we reached there, we were informed that we will only register there, but not staying there. Grrrr!!!

 Before boarding the bus

 Heading towards Pullman!

 In Pullman's area.

We checked-in a hotel, I can say, in Serdang. It was like ½ hour journey to Pullman! Meaning to say we have to get up very freaking early in the morning so that we will reach Pullman in time. Gosh!
That night, Mr.Zaki took us all on a train ride using ERL to KLIA ‘cuz not all of  us ever been on the ERL.

 In the ERL

 Walking around in KLIA before fetching the athletes the next day.

Starting 25th May, we went to Maritime Centre located just next to Pullman hotel. We had to do some preparation as the foreign athletes are starting to arrive in Malaysia starting the next day. We didn’t do much that day, so we went of snapping pics here and there when suddenly a man came to us and ask us a question.

The Man: Excuse me, are you staying here in Pullman? What is your room number?       

Me: No, we’re not staying here but we’re here to take care of the Dragon Boat workshop in Maritime Centre.

The Man: I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to take pictures here if you’re not staying in Pullman.

Me: (pissed off!).. Okay... (trying to smile as best as I can)

It was quite embarrassing but hey, no one was looking. Haha!

Here are the pics where I manage to snap before getting kicked-out from the place.

Early morning on 26th May, all of us were busy. Some had to make up like 4am to go to KLIA.  There were guest from Macau, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Myanmar, Iran and India. It was a very hectic day I must say.

They registered, took lunch and went checked-in the hotel. That night dinner was provided and they cleaned them all! Haha! We went back to our hotel a bit late as we had to discuss about our preparation for the next day.

On 27th May, a Workshop was held-up and some local athletes took part in it too. Overall, it was 97 participants if I’m not mistaken. The Workshop was for the whole day. Starting in the morning and end-up by 6.30pm.

Some of the Hong Kong people wanted to go to KL, so I called up my brother-in-law to bring a bus and take them to KL. After dinner, Nisa, Alyaa, Yufi and me went to Kuala Lumpur together with them. It was tiring, but fun! They even bought us dinner and I was Full!

We split up, some walked with us, some walked by themselves but we meet up again by y10.30pm to go to KLCC. They just wanted to snap some pics. After that, I wanted to bring them to Dataran Merdeka ‘cuz it’s very nice and pretty at night but they were too tired, so we headed back to the hotel instead.

28th May, it was field activities. No more air-conditioned room. Even I have to follow them ‘cuz starting that day, I had to snap the pics. It was very hot! I don’t have anything to say about this day, you’ll just have to watch the video that I’ll make later on to see the pics.

29th May, still practical, out-door activity. But it was in the morning, still, it was very hot. This time around, they were not back until like 12.15pm! Man, they really got burnt! Later by 2.30pm, they have an examination in the hall. By dinner time, they were all free to do whatever they wanted to do as they had to go back to their country the next day.
I managed to make a simple video for them, but it wasn’t good. I didn’t have enough time to do it and I was not satisfied at all with the video. That is why I will make a new one and post it later on. 

But they did take the video, as a memory I suppose. 

On 30th May, we had to send them all back to KLIA for their flights. I sent the Hong Kong people even though I’m in charge of the Macau people. Well, they said that they can arrange themselves, which was great! 

It was very saddening to me because I don’t know when else I will be able to see them again. They’re so friendly and that what will make me miss them the most. They really like to joke around.

Regardless of the problems that occurred, we still manage to have some fun and put a smile on their face. There was this one Hong Kong man, I think he can be my father due to his age. He gave me a small cute little flash light when I send him off at the airport. I even manage to give him a friendly hug. =)

And these one married couple bought me lunch as they asked me to join along for lunch. I gave away several souvenirs as well, together with Yufi.

We gave each one of the Macau people, a souvenir and they looked very happy. That really made my day. Then I gave a gift for my special Hong Kong friend. He’s very nice and friendly. In the airport, I manage to fold my RM1 into a t-shirt and pant shape and gave it as a souvenir to a very all-out, funny and happy-go-lucky Hong Kong friend of mine.

That night, Mr.Zul, the president of Dragon Boat took us all out for dinner. Steamboat! We had a couple of speeches from each one of us and took some pics together. It was sweet!

The last day, 31st May, everyone went back home, including me, of course.

This experience is really worth it! I had a really great time and I get to meet many different people and learn their languages. And I have to say this, since I did take care of the Hong Kong people too, they’re are Super-Friendly and I will certainly miss them all. Ngo ngua chu lei. (is that right?)

Really looking forward this September as there will be another event taking place in Kedah where there will be some international countries participating.

September, wait for me! Yeah!


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