Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last day : Semester 4.

Assalamualaikum and hello there peeps!!

Yeah! No more assignments! No more mid-term test! No more final exam papers! 
( Only for four months~~ )

My last paper for this semester was this morning and to my surprise, at first it was written that we only have 40 minutes to answer 40 questions! What?!! 

Then they change it to 1 hour. Man, that shocked me a while. One question one minute. Haha!!

When we start the exam, 15 minutes later people start to go out one by one from the examination hall. I was like whooaa~~
( Sorry, bkn psl I skema, cume terkesima melihat mereka pantas menjawab soalan)

By 9.30am, that is half and hour since the exam started, only 25 people left out of 60.
( Yes, I counted! )

I've got to say, they are SUPERB! Kompem paling kurang 30/40 betul jwpn, ye tak?

Enough of that. actually I just wanted to post pictures of us PUDDING going to the night market (pasar malam), a way to celebrate the end of our semester, I guess....~


Jos tersepit in a freaking crowded bus!
(But seem to be having fun?)

Yeah! C&M Stuff in the house!

Sorry lads, who told you not to pose. Haha!

After the moment of ' the cafe kid'.. har3!!!

While waiting for Jos to dress up after locking herself out of her bedroom.

Jos: Aku mau makan apa nih?

Effa: Aheheh! Ahehe!! Lazatnya mknn di pasar mlm ini!

Chewy: Yeah... got me some sardine doughnut~

Nina: Sedap nyer.. boleh rse lagi ke x ni ae?

A building that caught our attention.

Night market scenery. =0

Elly: Mhmm.. I know I'm hot..


And this is a pic of me sitting in the bus.

I know, I know, what's with the Myspace style of taking picture.
Nasib la! Haha!! 


That's it. That's all. Too tired and sleepy to post a long entry this time. Sorry.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy 58th Birthday Mummy!!

Assalamualikum! And hey there peeps!

Yeay! My mom turned 58 years old today and I was there with my mom to celebrate her birthday! Hooreyh!

Well, let me start of with my journey to Wangsa Maju.

Right after my last literature paper on 28th April, Wanie gave me a ride in her car to the train station. But before that, I manage to meet someone whom I really looking forward to see. And it was a Super Surprise for me to see that person before I even start my journey. Alhamdulillah! I was Super Happy! Haha!! I don't care but I smiled the whole entire day. Yes! I did! Haha!

Okay, enough of that, let's continue. The journey was pleasant, Alhamdulillah. Not many people in the train and surprisingly, the train was quite fast yesterday. I reached KL Sentral like around 1PM. So, I decided to buy a present for my Mummy.

But then I remembered my brother's birthday Kamil has just passed. And Izan's birthday is coming up this 3rd May. Hmmm..

So, there I stand, looking at the chocolate booth. Yes! Chocolate it is! For the presents of course.

Next, I went to the LRT station. No so many people either. So, I was not tired at all since I get to sit.

As soon as I arrived in Wangsa Maju, my eldest brother, Izzee was already there, waiting to pick me up. No need taxi fare. Hooreyh!

When I got home, my mom was so eager to go out and buy stuff because she was really looking forward to cook for that night. So, right after I reached home, my mom, two of my nieces ( Quesha & Aliyah), and me of course, went to Jusco, WALKING! Haha!! It wasn't that far, really.

Even though there was an orchestra playing in my stomach due to hunger ( cuz I haven't eaten all day long), since it was for my mom, I don't mind at all. =)

She was so happy shopping that she even made a list on my to buy, what she wanted to cook that she went over budget. I hate this when it happened. Not because of the money, no, not at all. But her face will look like as she is feeling guilty. Man... I don't know how to express my feelings about this. We are not from a wealthy family, so money is like kinda tight, we can't leisurely spend on what ever we want. To see my mom's face at that time made me feel guilty instead.  She was searching her purse, trying to see if there were any money to top-up the money I've given her for the groceries.

Ya Allah, I really don't know how to say this. To me a mother shouldn't feel like that. Especially on her birthday. She was suppose to be happy and not to worry about a THING. And there she was, standing at the cashier, holding RM50 only and had to pay more than that. The thing is, she is kind of old now and her hand shivered at that time. Arghh!! I feel like crying even to type this incident in my entry this time.

What did I do? I hugged her by the shoulder of course, hand her another RM50 and smiled at her. I'm still studying, not even working and money is not easy for me either. But when it comes to my Mummy, it's really hard to say no because I don't get to see her everyday in my life. I stay with my dad, it's not that I don't want to stay with my mom, but it's rather complicated. Seeing her that happy once in a while really made me SUPER Happy. =)

Enough of that moment. So, when we reached home, my mom prayed Asar first before we start cooking. She really wanted to eat rice. Her line was this.

" Mummy dah tua. Org dah tua suka makan nasi."

So, the menu were Kari Daging and kerabu pucuk paku. The kerabu, I have never seen my mom made that before. She said, that was the recipe that she got from her late mom. She wanted to eat that for her birthday. I guess she missed her mom. I helped my mom in the kitchen, of course!

Then after Isyak, like 9.30pm, Izzee came with Kak Ita, and Izan's family came too. We ate KFC and McDonald. Izan bought a Black Forest cake for Mummy as that is her favourite. Kamil came home a little bit later. Only Amin wasn't there as he had to work.

All of us had fun especially my mom. I can see that she was Happy. =)

The next day, 29th April, that is today, the real day for Mummy's birthday Amin called her. She looked so happy on the phone. Then suddenly I was thinking to myself, is she always like this? Waiting for her children to call her when she is all alone in the house. Hmmm....

We celebrated one day earlier because I have to go back to Tg.Malim today, one more exam paper to do on 30th.

She cooked Nasi Ayam! She wanted to cook it so bad. She even packed me some to bring back to my place her in Tg,Malim.

Mom's are so special. They'll do anything for their children. If I were to write about my mom here in my blog, my eyes will be so puffy that my friends will look at me with the " who punch her" expression on their faces.

No need sad story here. All I want to say that I Love my Mummy So Much! My main goal in life, and I am being serious here, is to get a great job, where I can afford to at least rent a semi-D house, buy a car and buy stuff for my mom when ever she wanted too. Like buying groceries without worrying how much the payment will be. Buy her dresses that she wants. Buy things that she wants in decorating the house. just buying anything that she wants without worrying about the payment at all. Because she deserves it. She lived a hard life ever since, and I seriously think that she deserves this.

InsyaAllah, I will get a great job which I can afford to do what I have planned for my mom.

Mummy, Sofie minta maaf sebab x dpt stay ngan Mummy. Sofie tau Mummy rindu kat anak2 Mummy. Sofie pun jarang balik. InsyaAllah Mummy, Sofie dah habis blaja nnt, dpt kerja, I will stay with you. Okay Mummy. I Love You. =)

Happy 58th Birthday Che Ann binti Mohd Tahir. Semua anak2 Mummy, menantu2 Mummy, cucu2 Mummy, kitorang semua SAYANG sgt Mummy. =D

One thing that caught my attention when I was talking to her, she said.

" Kalau Mummy tido tgh hari, lepas tu mummy terjaga, mummy rse mcm bdk kecik. Kan bdk kecik kalau terjaga dri tdo mesti nanges kan, haa.. mummy mcm tu la. Mummy x nak tdo tgh hari hari ni."

Oh Mummy~

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