Saturday, August 27, 2011

'The people who are suppose to collect the garbage' in Wangsa Maju Section 2 SUCKS!

Assalamualaikum and hey there.

It has been such a LONGGGG time since the last time I posted anything in my blog. Well, 
today I'm gonna talk about something that I am very much NOT SATISFIED about.

I've been working in 7-Eleven for over a month now

 ( I don't care what you're gonna say about me working there ),
 and the fact that I need to walk all the way half way down the street, carrying a big bag or two of garbage all by myself and throw it in front of someone else's place 

First of all, 7-Eleven is a convenience store, and every night the staff will top up what ever things that needed to be top-up / refill, and there will be boxes and trashes that will be need to be thrown away. Which means LOTS OF GARBAGE!

And for 'the people who are suppose to collect the garbage' not wanting to even pick up the trash in front of the store just SUCKS! They even warned us that we will be summon if we keep on leaving the trash in front of the store (if I am not mistaken laaa).

Okay, I understand that the road is a bit narrow and it'll cause jammed if the  'the people who are suppose to collect the garbage' truck / lorry pass through the road. But if they really do think that they have 'aqal', why don't they use it and think. Why don't they just pick up the trash when there will be no traffic like before Fajr? Like around 4am or 5am? If the other  'people who are suppose to collect the garbage' can do it, why can't they do it?

Second, okay, I did follow their instruction and throw the rubbish where they wanted us to place them at. But there is only one rubbish bin which can fit only one of our trash in one day. And that trash is already being used by the owner or the rubbish bin to place his/ her trash. Okay, fine. So I place ours next to them, on the floor, not in the rubbish bin. And what did I get in return? 'The people who are suppose to collect the garbage' refuses to pick the trash up because it is not in the rubbish bin. WTF??!!!

Seriously, how stupid is that?!! Aren't you paid to do the job?!

This is really getting on my nerve.

So, being a GOOD CITIZEN of Malaysia, I dragged the freaking big green rubbish bin all by myself from 7-Eleven store to the bring it where we were suppose to place our trash, with three HUGE bags of trash in it. Imagine me carrying it (okay, dragging it) down the street, and the street is like going down the hill! Man, I gotto say this, F*** this S***!!

Why do we need to do all this?! F*** man! They don't wanna pick the trash infront of the store is one thing, then they don't wanna pick them up if it's on the floor is second. Having us to carry the trash by ourselves and throw them else where, and the place is SO NOT CONVENIENT at all is third. THIS IS STUPID!!

I really don't know how else to explain this but it just doesn't make any f***ing sense!!

7-Eleven is a CONVENIENT STORE!! Sampah bkn kecik2 & ringan2 la DOL! 

Yeah, I cursed a lot today, and I don't freaking care. I'm so in a bad mood cause this situation really pisses me off!!!

Btw, I'm not in a condition that allows me to fast.

So, if  'the people who are suppose to collect the garbage' know who they are, do something about it because this issue did not came out before I started working there and there was no problem at all regarding the garbage. So, why would you want to make it as a problem now? It's not only us (7-Eleven) who is having this problem, other stores in the street are having the same problem.


This is happening in Wangsa Maju Section 2 area.


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