Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Tiring+Rushing Saturday!

What do I want to talk about today??

Let me start with my silat class, as usual, it started at 8am, supposedly!
and end at 10am, supposedly too!
But to my 'luck' it ended like around 11.30am.
By 12pm I have a meeting for ELA in the library. I was sweating and I need to attend the meeting.
So, I had to rushed back to my college, took a shower and rushed back to the bus stop infront of KUO.
To my 'luck' again, the bus was like SIPOT!
I waited for the bus like 20 minutes, took 10 killing minutes to reach campus. (okay, it might not take 10minutes, but it felt like it).
By the time I reached the library, everyone was already there, the MT of ELA.
Bad 1st impression I suppose.
But it's not entirely my fault, silat class exceeded till 11.30am plus the transportation here SUCKS during weekend!!
At least I went to the meeting, though I'm late for about 30 minutes.
We discussed about ELA's activities for this semester and I was rather excited about it! (without thinking about the assignments that are piling up on my desk).

Later after the meeting (2.30pm), I went to see Kak Abidah, a master student here in UPSI, whom asked me to help her out in translating her journals.
She gave me 4 journals, out of 20 journals that she has to do for her master programme.
I took a week to do so as I have other things to do during the weekdays. 
She asked me how much would I charge her. I was about to say RM5 per page but it sounded too much when it is times with 15 pages!!
So, for starting, I charge RM15 per journal. It was a bit thick okay, so I think that price is reasonable.
At least I got my money back after paying RM70 for the new ACER charger I bought yesterday. (walaupun short RM10).

I haven't eaten anything the whole day, so i was a bit dizzy on my way to chewy's place.
Needed to use the internet to post the news about ELA in facebook. The internet connection in my place is very BAD!!!
Then I heard a voice calling my name.


It was Nina-chan, asking me to eat together with her and Effa.
I was so HAPPY!! ( I may say)
Having an orchestra going on in my stomach was bad enough, I had to put an end to it.
Somehow, I got my energy back after having lunch with them, don't feel that tired nor dizzy anymore!!

Now here I am, updating my blog, complaining about my day that was very tiring and rushing!

That's all... I guess... well... it is..... so..... that's it!  (:

Friday, July 30, 2010

Things Happen For a Reason.

Since today’s class has been cancelled, I purposely woke up a bit late this morning..
By 10am, my eyes were fully awake, I wanted to continue sleeping but I can’t...
I had to go somewhere this morning and that place is situated in ‘Pekan Tanjung Malim’..
Well, Chewy did asked me “why don’t you just go to the one in UPSI?”
The reason was, I think that the illness that I have to endure at this very moment is no small matter kind of illness... I do think that it is a bit critical..
So, by 10.30am I’m already at Chewy’s And Effa’s house as they promised to take me to the clinic in ‘Pekan’..
I went to see the doctor and she asked me to take off my pants!!
Yes, of course I did that as the infection is on my upper thigh...
I have been suffering from this itchiness for more than 2 weeks!!
1st time I notice it was the 1st week I was here in UPSI for semester 3..
I thought it was only rashes as my bedroom is kind of hot especially when the window is close..
But when it got worse, I know something was wrong...
On top of me having problem sleeping at night, I always woke up in the middle of the night due to this infection..
I sleep at 2am, woke up at 4am, then went to sleep back then suddenly woke up again at 5am...
Sometimes I just couldn’t get enough sleep but I’m not even sleepy during the evening...
Like last night, I was asleep by 2am, then woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep..
But by 8am I went back to sleep and got up by 10am..
Back to the clinic..
The doctor said I had a kind of infection (which I won’t share here in my blog..)
So, she gave me pills to eat at night only and some cream for my thigh..
I have to ‘pantang’ of the food that I eat...
No chicken, no beef, no seafood, no eggs, only fish but certain fish only..
When I heard the doctor said that, the only thing that was on my head was to be a vegetarian!!!
What was left for me to eat if it’s not vegetables and rice only.. okay and some bread too...
I was given 2 weeks to try out the medicine and before Ramadhan I need to see the doctor again..
Alhamdulillah, it is an UPSI panel clinic, which means I do not have to pay a penny as I have the sticker to claim my insurance from UPSI..
But one student only gets one sticker only, so the next time I go to the clinic which is in two weeks time, I have to ask my dear Chewy to lend her sticker to me..
If not I have to pay like almost RM40 for the medicine...
Today I already spent RM70 to buy new Acer laptop charger..
I don’t know what happen to the old one, I was using it in Proton City when suddenly I realize that my laptop wasn’t charging...
On top of that, my phone keep on suddenly shut down by itself without me pressing any button..
To make the starting of my semester 3 sounded worst, I have to spend more than RM100 on books!!
If I were to buy the pronunciation dictionary it’ll cost me almost RM200 altogether, I THINK!!!
Plus, for this semester I was selected to be the Class Representative for by batch..
That is being the leader of 58 TESL’ians..
Then being the class rep for SLA & Phonetic class..(which is good, not complaining anything)
There are so many notes to be Xerox, assignments to be printed, which at the end costs me a FORTUNE!!!!
I am now  even controlling my meals to take only one big meal per day.. ( nasi sekali sehari)
Sometimes i don’t even feel like eating thinking about the money i need to use this semester...
But hey, if anyone else can do it, I absolutely can do it too, right??
Hmm, insya-Allah... I think I can do it since I have to ‘pantang’ now on what I eat..
But how am I going to pantang during Aidilfitri??!!!
All the mouth-watering rendang ‘menggugat keimanan ku’!!!!!
Now, I really hope my infection will recover soon, enough....
I just can’t stand it any longer, seriously...
I take whatever challenges I am facing now as a test for me..
Keep on telling myself.. “ THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON”..

Monday, July 19, 2010

What Happen In 1st Week Of Lecture

as, usual, there will always be problems in the 1st week of lecture...
let's start with transportation..
since we no longer have class in Taman U which is located infront of our campus (though it does take some time to walk from campus to class in Taman U), we are needed to go for classes in Proton City which is quite far from campus...
not enough buses equals going late to class..
not wanting to be late for class equals got to go early to class..
going for class to me is not a problem as me and chewy like to go early all the time..
going back to hostel is the part i hated the most..
from Proton City to hostel, not really a problem though we need to be like sardine in cans!
from campus to hostel is the biggest challenge.. people can die!
why do I say so??.. well, they were fighting against each other in order to get on the bus, guys, ladies, all of them!!
once my bag was caught in the middle of the "battle" and i need to pull my bag out using all my might!
( okay, i exaggerated.. hehe..)

lets see the pics shall we...

this is in KHAR & KUO.. KZ & KAB are worst than this.. haih~

chikgus and chikgis Battle!!!

sheena & sheila posing in the middle of the crowd..

Go Effa!!.. Go Effa!!

[I Love To Snap Pics!]

the other problem that almost blew my head off was the "add and drop" class...
at first everything was fine...
but then, when we entered Poem's class, i was in a culture shock!!
only 7 of us semester 3 students while the rest were semester 5 students including students from Institut Perguruan Sultan Abdul Halim (IPSAH) if i'm not mistaken..
they were all seniors and i felt myself so small at that time..
i was so quite and my heart pounded so fast like "The Flash"..
when the lecturer entered the class and start explaining that poem is actually for sem 5 students and we were not suppose to take it as we did not have the basic yet...

Encik Sidek asked, " no one brief you about what minor subject you should take?"

well, NO.. it was an open registration, can register for any class as long as your classes doesn't clash..
we stayed in the 2hours worth of class together with the seniors and i felt myself so not up to their level..

as the lecturer was talking about the asgmnts, i was like so "empty"..
i couldn't focus because in my head, all i was thinking about was to drop the subject...
i seriously think that i can't perform well in that class, not having the basic equals not good AT ALL!!

the process for the "add & drop" took me the whole day, from morning till evening.. (office hour)
i have to fill in the form, see my PA (penasihat akademik) to get her signature, see the lecturer who teaches the subject that i wanted to drop, get his signature, sign up for another class to replacing poem class, go to the Bahagian Akademik in Bangunan Canselori to do it online, then back again to Fakulti Bahasa to pass up the form to the office..
the reason why it took a long time is because the lecturers are not in their office 24/7..
we had to wait for them, call them and sometimes they will not even be in their office for the whole day and we will need to wait for the next day, or even the next week..
it was kind of frustrating...
Alhamdulillah, i manage to get what i want..
no more poems, replaced with Literary Criticism...

to ease out the tension just now, let us now view some pictures in PC ( proton city)

next is B.E- Learning situated in campus ( a new building)

the lecture room was quite comfortable.. 


Monday, July 12, 2010

Semester 3 [2010/2011]

my day starts at 8.30am when i get up in the morning to get ready to go to class..
by 9.10am, i'm already at the bus stop where the rest of PUDING were waiting for me..
only me and jos stay in KHAR while the rest they rented a house...

the class was at 10am so we went to HEP to look at the schedule for bus transportation..

Pembelajaran dan Perkembangan Pelajar [3P]
my 1st class of the day, 10am-12pm..
the lecturer look like a very strict person..
but actually, she's GREAT!!!
she likes to make jokes..
one thing about her that kind of 'cut' me a bit is her perception about us TESL'ians..
TESL= 'buat kerja cincai'
TESL= always argue with other courses when it comes to paperwork
TESL= very western'ish
TESL= very outspoken without thinking of what others might feel

despite al that, of what she said about TESL'ians, i like her very much due to how she handle the class, the way of her teaching, i just like her, she's COOL!!!
well, i do need to prove her wrong about what she said about us 1st..

Second Language Acquisition
2nd class of the day, situated in Proton City...
it is almost like 4-5km worth of journey from campus to proton city..
the place is nice and look very modern!
they have swimming pool which i'm not sure if we can jump in it..
our class is from 4-5pm and the lecturer is actually my silat teacher here in UPSI..
he wanted to elect a class representative so i volunteered myself...
fitri is the assistant as he is the only male in the class...

our reflection on the floor.. ^^,

on the way back home i accidentally dropped the R.I (rancangan instruksional) in the bus...
lucky me the bus was still there by the time i realise i lost the R.I..
i need to photocopy for the whole class...
then off me and chewy went to the library to find references..
then here i am infront of the computer updating my blog with my 1st day of lecture in semester 3...
later tonight PUDING & i are going out for dinner..
haven't eat yet for the whole day..


Thursday, July 8, 2010

LONG semester break.

usually most university students will be so delighted when it's time for semester break, including me..
but if the break is too long, it's not good for me..
my head will freeze, i'll gain weight, i'll be so lazy because nothing to do..

the only exciting thing i did during this whole long semester break was umrah, Alhamdulillah..
from 5th-18th of June..
i haven't post anything yet regarding my umrah, but i will later on, insyaAllah..

oh, i forgot to mention, the other exciting thing i did during this break was a small reunion with my BFF SKO..
we went to the same place the last time we did our reunion.. Mid Valley Mega Mall...
i'd like to type a little about this reunion..

i went to KL Sentral 1st to meet up with Raiehan when a couple of minutes later Fatin came along..
then off we went to the mall and meet up with Saniza..
the activities were:

1. shop for clothes and went to MPH (but i didn't buy anything because not enough money)
2. eat KFC (the only meal we can afford with our budget)
3. bought 2 small teddy free 2 small teddy
4. Secret Recipe (bought 2 slices of indulgence)
5. movie, Karate Kid (compulsory!)
6. bowling (even though i'm not good in it i still had fun)
7. snap pix

in the fitting room

see my name there.. hehe..

the shop where we bought the teddies..

got to go home!!!

me and san went home 1st because atyn had to wait for her sis, so rean went along with her..
we had a great time and we only meet up like once a year..
we are all from different university..

me  : UPSI Tg.Malim
san  : UNITEN, Pahang
atyn : UUM, Kedah
rean : UITM, Shah Alam

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