Sunday, October 31, 2010

Splendid Weekend!


Feel like updating my blog. So, here I go.

Okay, last Friday 29th October I went back home [ Crown Hill a.k.a Bukit Mahkota].

No classes for three weeks because my final exam is next month. Well, you can say this is my study leave, a VERY LONG STUDY LEAVE.

My weekend here in C.H is quite exciting. Why?

I was pushed into the swimming pool for the very 1st time in my life. Please note that I do not know how to swim!

We [daddy, ummie, syahril and me] went to Kak Dena’s house somewhere around the housing area near Zoo Negara. Pak Aji and his family wanted to watch Kelantan VS N.Sembilan that night and they asked us to come along but Kak Dena was not at home because she had to go to Johor with her husband. So, Paksu’s family also came along and we had the house ( I mean the cabin, kitchen, sauna, gym and the pool) all to ourselves. Hehehehee~

I was walking just by the side of the swimming pool, figuring out how on earth am I going to jump into the pool, when suddenly Ina pushed me!

WHOA! Luckily the pool was not that deep, I could stand on my feet and catch my breath. Yes, I panicked a bit but not SO PANIC that I could drown myself though.

I had fun playing in the pool, Adam wanted to teach me how to swim but hey, I can’t master it in one day right. So, we ended up playing around. With Ummie and Ina too. Playing water gun!

The rest joined also and we seriously had fun! I tried the sauna for the very first time and I tell you this, it is soooooooooooo goooooooooooood~

The cabin where they watched the football match.

The pool where I was pushed into.

 We reached home by 1am and I was dead tired and sleepy that I directly went to my dream land as soon as my head landed the pillow.

The next day, in Sunday morning, I went to see my dad teach archery at the club house, and I get to take pictures! YES! Seriously, I love photography and videography. I’m so in love with them.

Though I don’t get a chance to do archery but I did get my chance to...........


My dad in the brown t-shirt.

My uncle ( Uncle Mizi) showing the broken bow.
I don't know how it snapped.

                                  This is a lecturer in UPSI!

Pulling out the arrows from the target.

Owh, I forgot, I even get the chance to meet with my ONE AND ONLY SISTER, Izan and her family last Saturday.

We ate breakfast together and went to the club house because the kids wanted to go for a swim, little Iman went along too.

The kids were playing in the pool while me and my sis were updating gossips.

I love talking to my sister once in a while, I know we are 9 years difference in age but I can still talk to her as a friend, and I like that.

( termenung jap sambil tersengih sorang2)

Then suddenly I heard Syahril crying. He broke his front tooth!

Well, growing up, accidents do occur. Once I was a young little girl, I broke two of my front tooth and it was not pretty at all. Not pretty.

Baby Iman!

Look at Syahril's broken tooth.. hehe..

I'll be updating my blog, next week.


Friday, October 22, 2010

October Babies feat. Things In My Head.


When was the last time I posted any entry in my blog?

Well, look at the previous post, it had been quite some time.

I’ve been busy with assignments, presentations, quiz and translation work, so, I don’t really have time to leisure around using the internet lately, but of course I’ll update my status in Facebook once in a while.

So now, I’ll update my blog with things happening during these busy weeks of mine.
Where should I start?... hurrmm…

Maybe it is not in sequence, but at least I have the chance to talk about it.. hehee..

First of all, is the twin one day apart in PUDING Family, Siti Nor Effadila Su’aif and Zafira Sandim. Why do I call them twin? Well, Effa was born on the 19th of October while Zaf was on the 20th October, 1990. Twin right? Hehee…

Owh! But before their birthday, it was Hannina’s birthday, 10th October. Now the story gets exciting! Well, actually we didn’t plan to do any prank on her or to dare her anything. So, the night before her birthday, we went for dinner after feeling exhausted finishing the Silat assignment (Elly, Zaf and me). Nina got free meal of course (we paid for the birthday girl), then we went to the bakery shop. We shared our money (except Nina, of course laaa!) to buy a slice of Tiramisu cake. We sang a birthday song for her and painted her face with some cream, hehee…

The dare was not being plan at all! What was the prank? Let it be between us PUDING, confidential, hahaa! Nina ended up running for her life back home while the rest of us got scolded by a guard (an old Pakcik jealous of us young adults having a great laughter, HOH!)
Zaf gave Nina a VUGIDEVAS (do not look up in the dictionary because it is made up by me which means FUYOO!) gift as a reward in performing the dare. I WAS JEALOUS, HAHAA!!

Next, was Effa’s birthday. Her prank was planned well by us, MUAHAHAHAA!!!
We have a replacement class the night before her birthday, but Nina didn’t, so I told her to buy a bag of ice, put it in a bucket of water and wait till we come home to ‘MANDIKAN’ Effa!

Right in front of her house she was showered by us with ice cold water! YES! But the horlicks showering thing was not my idea, so, I’m innocent in that. (fuh~). Then we have a feast (after Effa changed her clothes, duhh~), fruit feast! First time ever celebrating someone’s birthday with fruits!

Then it came to Zaf’s a.k.a Chewy’s birthday. For her, we planned so many pranks and dares for her, but not even one was performed by us, plus she refused to do any dare. Fair indeed because she was badly being pranked by us last year (my idea again, hahaa!). So, she cooked Laksa Sarawak on her birthday for us which was SUPERB! SEDAP! While Effa made some ‘cekodok’ for us, NYUMM!

After filling our stomach with mouth-watering meal cooked by our lovely Zafira Sandim, there was a heart to heart conversation between us. Let’s not talk about it because…….. erm, SECRET?

Though we didn’t do any prank on Zaf, but my friend, a friend of Zaf too, without telling him to do so, he did a prank to her on behalf of us, YES!

He pretended to be someone calling from the office telling her to pay summons, and she almost fall for it, hahaa!! He was badly scolded by Zaf (not in a mean way..). His birthday was also in the same month. He was born on 15th October, but in 1989, yeah, same year as me.

So, that was the story of October Babies. Nina, Effa, Zaf and my friend Que.


Next, well, something happened this month. Someone broke his promises and did something opposite of what he told me before. Yes, I was very upset, plus I get to know everything from A-Z of the whole story, I was even more upset than before. It makes me think, is every man like that?

 Get over someone so fast, hardly a month then asked someone else out. Because I’ve been seeing this thing happening so many times. It happened to me and my friends. Couples breaking up after years being together. Let me just conclude October is a hard month for me and my friends. Other than all the stuff we need to do regarding our marks/pointer, we are also emotionally tortured, and when that happens, it’s hard to focus on our work. For me, I prefer to be with my friends when that feeling comes, so that I will have something else to distract me. Or if I’m alone, I’d like to draw, or better yet, sit on the sajaddah.

Let me just clear things up here. No, I’m not in love with anyone nor still in love with my former boyfriend. But, yes, I’m upset. Upset to those who broke their promises, upset to those who broke up with their girlfriend just because they want to be with another girl.

Malay people always say: “Jodoh di tangan di Tuhan.”

Yes, I know that, and maybe that’s why he broke his promises and be with another girl, she might be ‘the one’ for him. Great, but I strongly believe WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

When this things happen in my life, I always wonder, why LOVE is so hard? Is LOVE hard or do we make it hard? Why does this LOVE life bothers me so much? Am I that worried of not finding the right guy to be my future husband?

Lately, I’ve come across articles talking about marriage life, and how does ISLAM look at the status COUPLE. As I went on reading, I’ve realise, why COUPLE is HARAM in ISLAM. Just look at the couples nowadays, okay, not all, but 99.98% of them will hold hands. Is it HALAL? Well, yes, if you’re married legally to your partner. But what if you’re not married? 

What’s so special about COUPLE? Having someone to LOVE you and to LOVE them back? As I grow older, I found out that LOVE after marriage is the BEST! Plus it’s HALAL, but can I achieve it? Can I find someone to LOVE me because of Allah, not because of my money, or my beauty? Can I find someone who will accept me for who I am? Can I?

“Ya Allah, hamba-Mu ini lemah dalam soal cinta, kurniakanlah cinta yang sejati kerana-Mu Ya Allah, temukanlah aku dengan jodohku yang menyayangiku kerana-Mu Ya Allah, teguhkan dan tingkatkanlah rasa kasih dan sayangku pada-Mu Ya Allah serta Rasulullah S.A.W, kuatkanlah imanku Ya allah agar aku mampu mengharungi segala dugaan dan cabaran dalam hidup, hanya pada-Mu ku bersujud Ya Allah Yang Maha Mendengar lagi maha Mengetahui.”


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