Thursday, December 31, 2009

..GoodBye 2009..

so many things happened in a year..
tup..tup.. da 2010..
cepat btol mase berlalu.. lau idop da bz sgt ngan mcm2 hal na kena wat lam idop, mmg x pasan lgsg mse berlalu uh..
to me.. 2009 nih mcm2 pengalaman ade..
ade manis..ade pahit..
mse dpt twrn msuk UPSI mmg x puas hati.. cuz i wanted to go to UPM.. well, sape sruh wat 1st choice UPSI kan.. uhuk..
well..actually, wat i want to write here & now is my experience through out 2009..
being me is quite challenging..for i sumtimes not myself at certain time..
sometimes i juz dunno wat i want in lyfe..
april 2009 i finished college..
sad sbb berjauhan ngan rakan2 & my boyfriend at that time.. hehehe..
then the incident i met my boyfriend at queensBay (penang).. had a wonderful evening even though had to wait for him like 5 hours..
17th august 2009 he broke up with me.. after 1 year being together.. urghh!!!
reason.. study.. yeah wat ever.. i dunno.. rase mcm da x kenal sape dia lg dah.. ntah..
august is not a good month 4 me...
then after a couple of days my parents found out about him..
telling me if i'm serious with him i should take him home and meet them..
how??!!!.. he juz broke up with me.. it's not that i'm not serious with him.. i was.. he's da one dat wanted to brake up.. so i kept quite & remain single till now..
another bad news was about my best fren's dad..
he died in year 2009 & i was not there 4.. i felt like a jerk..

lyfe in UPSI.. not so bad.. i enjoyed it..
it's gud 4 me being here.. in a way..
fabulous frens here.. they're nice & are good to me..
we even did go to mid valley together..then got a bit late to the train station at rawang and got stranded there.. gotta pay almost rm100 da 8 of us juz to go back to KHAR... got there like 12.30pm.. luckily Pak Tam was willing to drive us home.. THANX PAK TAM!!!
i enjoyed my olahraga class in semester 1.. kak yen is da best!!!.. although she did gave us tones of asgmnts.. hehehe...
i made a group here named PUDING (effa, josephine, elly, nina, me, mia and zaf)..
we're close frens.. i got great room8 and housem8.. frendly coursem8..

for S.K.O we managed to make a reUnion at mid valley, san, atyn And rean..
we had fun.. watching movie (2012), eat McD, and buy some inner cloths.. but san refuses to buy them.. ehehee...

during semester break i was so busy..
so many things to do.. but i had a blast!!!
especially at kenduri abg azril.. BEST!!!
one thing dat distract me the most is dat i easily get sick during this last week of 2009..
i dun even noe why..
starting from my throat bengkak.. then bad sore throat, demam, itchy feet & hands..urghh!!!
hope next year everything gets better..

forgetting sumone dat was special to u in ur lyfe is quite difficult, dat's why i like to make myself busy sumtimes..
forgetting the past and to move on to start a new lyfe is challenging sumtimes, cuz being human is not easy to forget..
forgiving sumone for wat they did wrong in their lyfe is quite easy for me but to forget.. beats me when will i'm able to do dat..
loving someone but not to be loved back is hurting sumtimes..
but who am i to sit there and keep weeping for u to come back to me..

i was not a good gurl b4 and keep on falling down but manage to stand up again..
cuz my daddy & ummie always there 4 me..
and i'm very glad to have them in my lyfe..
i dunno where i will be if it is not for them to guide me in my lyfe..

 hope 2010 will bring good changes in me...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

..sweet people around me...

as usual.. lately i sleep very early..
i'm so dead asleep that i dun even notice if there's people coming in & out of my room..
why i say so.. well..
this morning i woke up and i saw a note on my wall..
i ignore it cuz i had a headache so i lay back on my bed for a while..
then after like half an hour i check up the note..
it was from nina, effa and elly.. ( my lovely PUDING!!!)
they were concern bout me.. they reminded me to take my medicine and hope i will heal soon..
it was juz so sweet.. they said i was asleep so they didn't want to wake me up..
as a prove, nina took pictures of me sleeping..
huishh.. she show them to me today when i met her at the language faculty..
she said she pat me on my shoulder but i still didn't wake up..
that medicine i took is very strong indeed..
my ummie even wrote something on my facebook wall telling me to get medicine at the pharmacy..
zaf message me this morning asking if i had eaten my medicine yet..
they're juz so sweet..
my house mate even gave me some suggestion wat to do with my foot..
there's so many advices from many people..
they're so caring...

the itchiness still hasn't gone away..
i was even surprise to see my foot this morning..
so red and ... i dunno wat to say..
i'll wait for another week..
if it's still like this.. i'm going to clinic again...
but now i easily get tired..
i dun even noe why..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

.. holiday in Port Dickson.. then off to Tanjung Malim..

 last 26th dec my family & i went to Port Dickson for holiday...
well.. it was kinda fun..we checked in Tiara Hotel..
but the hotel was in the list of 'BAD HOTELS I'VE BEEN IN'..
the room was not even been cleaned up when we get there..
the bathroom was clogged..
the air-conditioner was leaking..
huh.. but it was indeed very cold.. they don't provide the remote to control the temperature..
later dat afternoon off to the pool..
it was fun.. we even stayed in the pool eventhough it was raining..
then at night my cousin & i went to the game room..
it's like an arcade..
we played games of course..
then we went to this karaoke room..
RM2 per song.. ehehehe...
we sang nazra ku, issabela and cinta dalam hati if i'm not mistaken..
it was indeed a moment where i sing my heart out.. FUN!!!!
the next day, in the morning we went to the pool again..
after breakfast we went home..
cuz my dad has to send me back to KHAR...
it was time chasing cuz i dun like being late..

date: 27th decenber 2009
time: 3.15pm
avenue: Kolej Harun AminurRashid

when i got to KHAR, i went to blok 2 to get my keys & stuff.. i thought i was gonna get a different house cuz dat's wat happened to most of my frens.. lucky me i got the same block, same house, same floor, but different room.. my room mate is not the same either... my room mate is semester 6 gurl, from kelantan, taking economy, Kak Maiza.. hmmph.. i want my old room mate.. uhuuu... the starting of my semester 2 is not that good.. my feet started to itch very badly, my sore throat doesn't wanna leave me, i have headache at night, pn.leela starting to give us piles of asgmnts.. urghh.. and my my body ache sumtimes too.. i'm not feeling well.. hurgh...yes, i'm targeting to get good results dis year.. but not in dis condition.. how am i suppose to focus if my health keeps on disturbing me.. WHY??!!! in falsafah& dasar class and even kenegaraan, only me & my fren zaff the only tesl'ians in dat class.. huhuhu.. 1st time i see so many guys in one class since i study here in UPSI.. it's a mixture of variety courses.. there's sejarah, BM, physical science, arab, biology.. and wat ever else.. dis is very challenging... to be the only tesl'ians in dat class..
today is my second day of semester 2..
my day starts offat UPSI clinic..
getting some medicine..
then we (me & zaff) bump into a guy from UUM..
he ask us bout this pentagon building..
uhuhu.. & we didn't know wat building & where it is located..
poor him we couldn't help him out..
it's kinda embarrasing too not to be able helping to find the plce when u do study there..yaiks..
then on our way to class.. we saw our senior..
long time haven't seen him.. green does suits him well...
then we got to the wrong place for our class..
we had to walk all the way from Taman U 29 to Tadahan Utara..
( dat's a long way man...)
when we got there the class has already started..
well, we're only 3 minutes late...
i'm getting quite better now except for my foot...
when will this itchiness end...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

..abg azril's wedding..

well..abg azril is actually my uncle cuz he's my ummie's cousin..
but he's still young so dat's why i call him abg..
it was really exciting..
it started on friday..

Friday, 1 Muharam 1431
early in the morning right after subuh we straight away hit the road..we were going to a masjid in shah alam where the akad is being held..i think it was Masjid Sultan Abdul Aziz..but b4 we went to the masjid, mak ngah's (tok ngah) house is our 1st stop..when we arrive there the groom were not even ready yet..still wearing t-shirt..hu2..from tere we took all the hantaran to the masjid..then we had breakfast at a stall juz near the masjid.. i had to say that the nasi lemak they sold there is SUPERB!!!!. during the akad, alhamdulillah everything went well.. only one thing.. abg azril forgot his, kak D (abg azril's adik) had to go to the car & get it for her dear BERTUAH brother... then lunch at uncle zahari (CEO Bank Islam) , a relative of ours..he3.. he had a really nice house.. and car..huk3..after friday prayer we went home to get some rest.. then after asar, off to mak ngah's house.. getting ready for the big dinner.. it was at Royal Selangor Golf Club, to be a member there you have to pay almost RM50K!!!.. OMG!!!..huh..lucky me one of my relative is a member there..ngee~.. the dinner was great.. the food was great.. the people was great.. it was indeed marvelous!!!.. we also got choclate..yeayy!!!






2 Muharam 1431
as usual rite after subuh, there's something for me to do.. mini cakes to be bake..weeheee~ it is tiring but it was worth it.. after lunch we went to Kak Dina's new house at Kemensah (near zoo negara) to get ready for the next day function..kak dina is abg azril's kakak..she has 3 houses..well. 2 now.. the 1st house worth millions but sold it to someone.. the 2nd house, dat she's staying in now, i dunno how much t cost but it gotta be millions too.. then the 3rd house where the function is being held is RM6mil.. cheaper than the houses b4.. as all of the families are there, so we celebrate abg azril & abg adi's ( abg azril's cousin) bithday.. we set up the cake cutting juz by the after we sang birthday song they push abg azril & abg adi into the pool.. and several other boys dat became the victim.. hahaha!!!.. even Mak Teh ( Tok Teh) got pushed too.. funny...hehehe...



3 Muharam 1431
Time tgh hari family plak yg dtg utk kendri.. ( x de bersanding kay), kuh, ina & lyana jd gurls yg bg cenderamata kat para tetamu.. penat woo.. da la pkai heel,, kne berdiri lama plak.., da penat uh kuh naek atas msuk bilik yg ada air cond then kuh tdo..hehehe.. rehat dulu b4 the next function at nite.. VIP plak yg na dtg.. there were even mentri but i dun noe all the mentri in malaysia..hehehe..karaoke pun ade.. seronok..ada satu lagu wat kuh nanges.. sepupu2 kuh yg nyayi..lagu faradhiya bertakhta di hati.. sedey woo..tringat plak.. hampeh.. make-up kuh rosak.. huk2..( Sebelum ku kenal, Dirimu siapa, Aku tak kenali, Apa itu cinta, Setelah ku kenal, Dirimu sebenar, Kau cinta sejati, Ku sandarkan jiwa.) i sang too, tp bramai-ramai laa.. malu den na nyanyi sengsorg.. BEST!!! then, lam kul 1am camtuh bru blik bukit mahkota..kepenatan & keseronokan melanda..wee~ xD






the next day tok ngan wan plak mai umah..huh.. non stop woo... ade jek something happening..hehehe...
tp ok laa.. seronok ngan family.. last2 mcm nih la best celebrate last week of my semester break..i had a great fun.. but again i didn't reply or answer my frens' call & messages..sorry guys..really busy..huhu..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

..ehek.. silap nama.. it suppose to be Iman Hakimi..ngee~

yesterday i was so exited of getting a new nephew dat i took forgranted dat my sis gonna name him iman haikal like wat dey had saud in the hospital b4..wee~
today my sis came by my daddy's house to pick up her children..
she told me his name is Iman Hakimi..
oh well..
nice name too..
i love Iman Hakimi!!!!
dahi dia besh bila kish..



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

.. Iman Haikal?? ..

27 dzulhijjah 1430, 14th december 2009..
a baby boy was born...
he's my sister's son..
hr nih kuh pegi hospital putrajaya utk melawat kakak kuh & baby bru dia...
1st time dukung baby berusia 2 hari.. yeay!!!!
pipi dia best!!! dahi dia lembut!!!
maybe kakak kuh na bg nama Iman Haikal..
comeyl laaa!!!!!
he's da 3rd son of izan..
1st haziq izzuddin..
2nd shauqina auni..





Saturday, December 12, 2009

.. my life in 12th december 2009..

pas subuh kuh mandi krn ingin menaiki KTM ke KL sentral..
rupa2 nyer naek krete jek g umah opah..
wat's funny is dat ammar & asyraf kena sumbat lam bonet kereta ummie..
perjalanan yg ckup menarik..
actually diri kuh keletihan tatkala ini dan hanya menulis blog ala kadar sahaja..

dr pg smpai tgh hari we stayed there..
then off to bukit bintg walaupun da kekenyangan & kepenatan...
daddy na beli ape ntah gadget dia..
tatau nama..hehehe...
so, kitorg yg laen (ummie, me, azlan, lyana, asyraf & ammar) g McD sungei wang & melantak sundae sorg satu..wee~

da maghrib uh bru smpai umah bab benti kat warta..
ummie na beli baju for next week wedding...
function lagi..haiah...
b4 blik kitorg g umah uncle mizi..
kazen2 kuh ini tringin na naek motor srambler..
bagak best wooo!!!!
tp kebajuan kekebayaan kuh menghalang kuh dr join mereka..uhuhuu..

pas maghrib pegi pasar malam plak cuz ketidak laratan melanda kuh utk masak plak..
then da kekenyangan, kemengantukan melanda kuh utk tulis blog nih plak..

dis december really is sumthing dowhh...
sy shafiah sulaiman ingin memohon maap kepada rakan2 kuh yg tdk terbalas msj seta pggilan telepon...
kesibukkan melanda diri kuh di bulan december...




 ..kamil & amin jek x de kat sini..uhuk..


..x sangka kuh pendek dri lan..haih.. fav kazen..ngah a.k.a sharifah a.k.a cipah cherry..


...kuh gembira sentiasa..badan kuh sehat dan kuat..oo yeayy!!!!...

Friday, December 11, 2009

..gettting ready for 12th december..

latelly kuh rajin berkemas..
bgun awal.. tdo lewat.. ptg ngantok maen ping pong ngan sepupu2 kuh..
mata da jd cam panda.. na kne make up sok in order to hide it.. haihhh..
today bru kuh terasa letih bangat & sgt ngantok..
kuh dodoi kan kicik smpai diri kuh sendri terlelap sebentar.. ngee~..
bgun blik kne msk.. dady kuh na mkn pas aja silat mlm nih..

12th dec is my opah's bday.. (daddy's mommy..)
she's 80+++ years old..
for got her real age... ehehehhee..
she's been to makkah countless time... uhuk..
i was close to her b4 but since i moved to my dad's house.. i'm not close her like b4.. hurmm..
oh well.. =)

i baked lemon & chocolate cup cakes for her..
dat's da only thing dat she ask of.. uhuhuhuu..
my cousin sharifah a.k.a ngah gonna be there too..
she's my fav kazen of all time.. wee~
going there (gombak) tomorrow by KTM from btg benar..then stop at KL Sentral..take the LRT to Tmn Melati.. then i'm gonna ask ngah to pick us up..(me, azlan & lyana)..
maybe after the bday celebration, we're gonna goo down town..later at night, time for satay kajang haji samuri!!!!!
then sunday kicik's big bday celebration..
more work to do..
anyway..i'm glad i'm here to be for all this celebration..
then on monday my sis (izan) is expecting her new baby..
so many thing going on during my semester 1 break..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

..kicik turn 3 today..yeay!!!..

actually i already type my blog juz now..
then sudeenly my lap top turn off by itself..
microsoft update or some sort like it..
i wrote like a thousands of words already..

anyway... we had a wonderful time today..
and very memenat kan for me..
so many cleaning to do..
suddenly i become so alergic to dirty stuff..
can't see anything not in place & dirty..
my hand will do da job of fixing them automatically..
huh.. dat's why it is a tiring day for me..
oh well..
back to kicik..

early morning as usual, i'm da breakfast maker..
tones of pan cake to be made especially when my cousin Azlan is here..
perot macam tong..muahahahahah!!!
kicik woke up but i was not in a good mood at that time..
well, it's been kinda rough week for me.. personally..
i gave him a bday kiss & hug..
then after breakfast, we went to giant to buy some stuff...
then off to nilai 3 to buy kicik a bday gift..
well, at 1st daddy & ummie wanted to buy him a tricycle..
then when they saw this control car that can fit kicik in it..they decided to buy it..
it was RM300++.. huh..
after a while kicik doesn't want it..
he's getting tired.. & hungry..
so off we went to gear box..
a restaurant near our house..
this is where a funny incident happen..

for da 1st day kicik is 3 years more diapers for him..
yeay!!!  xD
it doesn't last him dat long though..
suddenly we saw fluid mengaliri kaki kicik..
kicik pee!!!!  muahahahaha!!!
and he was on the chair.. yaiks!!!!
he felt so embarrassed... oh well..

then back at home after zohor, it the cake cutting ceremony..yes!!!!
ummie bought him a little candy cake with ultraman candy on top.. he liked it!!!
we sang kicik a bday song twice.. he was so excited..
his real bday party is on dis is only like a little sumthing for him..hehehe..
well, as usual, i'm always da victim in cake cutting bday party..
i'm not da bday gurl, yet, i got showered by cream cake.. huh..
habes muka kuh hijau & putih..mne pimple x naek..haiyo..
kuh di serang oleh sepupu2 kuh..
kicik looked at me & laugh.. bertuah btol!!!..hahahah!!!...

later dat evening i began to be cleaningholic..
i cleaned da kitchen.. it took me from 3.30pm-5.50pm.. ohohohohohoo..
penat gler dowhh.. then malam masak lagi..wat icing cake lagi..kemas lg after dinner..huarghhh!!!!
penat woo.. bz dr pg ke mlm.. tp i think it's good for me..
i won't have da time to think about other things dat is unnecessary..
my frens msj & kol me but i didn't answer & reply..
i was juz not in the mood..ehehehe..
plus it's gonna take time doing those things..
now-a-days.. i use my phone mostly for browsing the internet..
well..wi-fi..malas na bukak laptop.. heee~

kicik was really excited..
i thought him songs too..
lagu negara kuh, teach him to say "cayalah beb!!!", "fullamak!!", dis kind of salam where he need to salam,calit,high 5,tumbuk,siku,sayang then hug..wee!!!!
and also a song dat goes like dis..
"syahril yg kicik, syahril yg bulat, syahril yg manjaaaa..."

i really luv my kicik so much..
i still remember 2 days ago.i cried..
i tried to hide it but it juz came out..
so kicik came to me..kiss me & hug me.. he said "syg kakak"..


..kedai mam gear box berhampiran umah kuh..

..kicik b4 he pee...huhuhuhu...

..bday selebration!!!!...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

happening, tiring...lonely...weekends..

i had a very tiring weekend..but kinda ok..
well..i went from places to places in one day..
a lot of cleaning & cooking & exercising to do..
my ummie bought a new apple laptop..
my dad already has his 27 inch apple komputer that cost 20K +++
then last monday i was to re-do my driving test but i forgot to re-new my L license 1st..
i do have fun dis semester break..
i never get board..
always sumthing there for me to do..
tomorrow my other cousins are coming here..
azlan & lyana..
da thing is..
i prefer my life to be busy..
always doing sumthing without leaving me anytime to think about anything else other than what i'm suppose to & have to do in life..
cuz when i'm alone..this feelings keep coming back on me..
since 17th september 2009, i don't even hold my phone other than for business matter..
i don't even chat on YM if nobody buzz me..
i wanna move on..but at the same time i don't..
why do i have to go through all dis..??
why does dis even need to happen???
i thought i can handle it coz for all this time i always have positive thinking in every situation..
but this time..i think i failed myself..
i tried to understand & look beyond the things that happening in my life..
but when it comes to this feeling.....
sometimes i understand..sometimes i don't..
and right now..
i don't...
i'm not saying that i'm pretending that i'm happy right now..
i am happy..
with my family & friends of course..
they fill my life up..
but there's just something inside of me that is empty..
it was filled before..but now it's empty..
i don't know if i can manage to fill it up again the next time..
coz the filling won't be the same..
and i don't think anyone can fill it with the same filling..
ii don't think anyone can replace it..
maybe there is..
i don't know..
but what i know..
it won't be the same..

Friday, December 4, 2009 1st friday in december 2009..

..pic yg kuh lukis mse x pat na tdo uh..

..kicik kuh na g solat jumaat..TOMEI!!!

dis morning i woke up & it was so cold..
dun feel like waking up though..
my dad was on his computer..& the rest was still sleeping..
so i landed on the couch, turn my phone on & started "facebook"ing..ngee~
it's free.. cuz we have wi-fi at home..
after breakfast ummie told my cousin & i to help daddy fix up da excercise machine..
just then i know a true fact that ummie was a fitness instructor when she was at my age..
WOW!!!!.. something new about her.. hehee..
so, upstairs at the hall is our fitness hall..
we're on the game of The Biggest Looser too..hehehe..
well, Kamil (my brother) & i did teach aerobic before back in Penang..
it was easy.. just follow the CD.. then teach them the very next day..
i was thinner back then & more stamina... ngee~
we did aerobic with the american students & a couple of our tuisyen student who joined our Silat class..
it was indeed a very fun time.. weee~

today my kicik is so cute wearing the kurta..
my opah bought it for him at makkah..
CUTE!!!! xD
 and right now i'm alone at home (5.08pm)
cuz my dad & ummie went to teach tuisyen..
while i have to teach add math tonight.. YAIKS!!!
i did tought add math yesterday, but that was like the 1st chapter..
but tonight, they want me to go through all the f4 syllabus..
i love math ....but add math???
i left it like over a year now...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

..kicik kuh baek rinie..

i dunno why but my lil bro seems to listen to me today..
he eats a lot & only if i feed him..
he wants to play with me & won't let me even go to toilet..or else he's gonna cry..
he can't let go of me..
so weird..
he even wants me to 'dodoi' him when he wanted to take a nap..
rase manje jek dia tido dgn kuh..
one week in count down & he's gonna be 3 years old...
we're 17 years different in age..
cuz my ummie adopted him..
he has a shahrul..
another family adopted him..
my ummie wanted to adopt both of x dan.. =/
anyway.. this 10th ada bday party for kicik..

cayang kicik kuh tomei!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

..bad day..

i dunno why but today i feel so sad..
my dad makes a joke & i didn't laugh at all..
i feel like crying & i was at jusco seremban..
my body ache like hell..
i was just not in the mood..
don't feel like talking to no one...
when i got back home from seremban i had to teach math..
lucky my students i didn't yell at them..
i hate myself for some reason today..
i hated the things i did in the pass too..
i hated being carried away with my feelings sometimes..

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

..1st december kuh in year 2009..

...x penah gne nokia 3310...uhuhuhuhu...

....sepupu kuh....

pg2 lg adik kuh mengetok pintu blik kuh smbil memberi salam dgn sgt kuat..
kne g btg benar amek sepupu kuh dr penang dtg na stay kat umah kuh spanjang cuti skolah..
bergaya wooo... hahaha!!!.. klakar pown ye gak.. wee~
then g kdai nasik kandar.. bekpes.. bapak kenyang dowhh..
then blik wat lunch..etc..
pe yg best nyer kuh pat HP bru beb..
well.. my daddy did use it for like 2 weeks..
then he bought a new phone..
so pass down to me lorh..
x phm den na guna hp uh.. huhuhuhu..
kom-pi-us... sbb cam laptop jek..
hp uh gne window XP.. plik kan..
tp akan cuba kuh belek jua bg pro utk sms..
touch screen semata..
malam plak kne lipat flyer tuisyen daddy kuh..
pergh.. penat meyh cari jemari kuh..
bruu selesai 500 helai jek..
500 more to go..
sat lg den smbung pas tulis blog nih..
let's go!!
perjuangan melipat flyer harus diteruskan..!!
owh.. lupa plak.. Thanx daddy4 da phone..
Ya tebya liubliu!!!
(daddy telah mndapat pelukan & ciuman di pipi dri kuh..BAHAGIA!!!)

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