Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Drawings.

this month i've been a bit emotional..
so many things that i think about and so many things that i have to decide..
well, maybe to some it is a small matter..
and for some it is a serious matter..

to me, i've been trying to ignore it since august last year but sometimes i just couldn't..
and last night i had a dream that really confused me a lot..

let's just look at the drawings..
in a way, it does express how i felt all this while..

this was last year.. 03.12.2009
haven't got the guts to draw with pen yet..






yea.. i do love drawing, but i don't really have the time for it..
i only draw this when i feel like drawing...
i don't easily draw what ever i want..

you can see how my expressions changed..
sometimes, when i draw, i wanted to make a happy face, but then it ended to be a bit sad or disappointed..
i know it doesn't look good as i was stealing my time to draw cuz i do have other things to do..

my drawing may look like it is all about love life..
well, maybe it is..
but hey, being single is not too bad as i am still studying..
but seeing others have their love life makes you feel a bit jealous doesn't it..
and sometimes when the memory hits you it just hurts a lot..

i don't know why i'm being so emotional this month..
well, i welcome you APRIL!!!!!...

i'm sure this APRIL will be fun for me..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cinta Terakhir..

Ya Allah..
jika benar dia jodoh ku, kuatkanlah hati ku menempuh dugaan ini..

Jika ku kehilangannya, temukanlah dia dengan jodoh yang lebih baik..
jika kehilangan ku ini kerana ada yang lebih baik untuk ku juga..
maka pertemukanlah kami..

Sesungguhnya hanya Engkaulah yang Maha Mengetahui apa yang terbaik untuk hamba Mu ini..

Monday, March 29, 2010

nite out with 1-6-5!!!!!

during the weekend, since most of us in 1-6-5 KHAR had submitted our asgmnts, we were board to death staying home..
nothing to do..
so, all we did was to online, watch movie, eat and sleep...
so, at night, we decided to have dinner together at a place where one of our housem8 ( my room8) used to have her dinner...
but izzat couldn't join.. she had work to do..
kak yatt went somewhere else.. so she couldn't join either...
mia, she was still n KL... it's normal for her not to be home during weekend.. huhuhu...
we did not know what was the place called so we called it " Kedai Makcik Lambat"..
truely, 'sememangnya lambat habess!!!'...

we walked there..
it was quite a walk from KHAR to that place..
but we walked anyway, a good exercise... hehehe..
on the way there, i saw someone in a car...
it was zatul, my coursem8!!!!...
her birthday was on the nite i went out with my housem8...
her boyfriend came to celebrate her birthday, so sweet!!!!!!...
she turned 21 this year....

so, back to my story...
we waited for quite some time for the food to be served...

jiha and kak sarah..

kak maiOT, jiOT, kak saOT, kak liOT.. hahahah...

we have a habit of ending our housem8's name with OT!!!!

mek ganu!!!!

yea!!.. this semester, my room8 is kak maiza!!.. semester 6, pendidikan ekonomi..

they said they wanted to sit by the river, but what i see was 'longkang!!'..hehehe.. well, the river is there, behind us, it was just dark.. couldn't see it...

ehehehe.. take ma pichah!!!!

buat gapo tu!!!

bila mereka jumpe kamera...
siti najiha.. a very nice person indeed!!!!!!!

this was the first time we went out together as housem8..
we did have a really great time even though it was just the five of us...
we are planning to go to KFC one day..
all 8 of us next time...
i hope it will happen...

this is the list of my housem8:

Nur Maizatul Akma Binti Abdul Manap
Semester 6
Bachelor in Economic Education

Nur Hidayat Binti Yusof
Bachelor in Historic Education

Nurul Zalia Binti Mohd Razali
Semester 4
Bachelor in Specialize Education

Maisarah Binti Jusoh
Semester 4
Bachelor in Malay LAnguage Education

Nur Amirah Nabila Binti Azhar
Semester 2
Bachelor in TESL

Siti Najiha Binti Rahim
Semester 2
Bachelor in Accounting Education

Noor Izzatie Binti Amir
Semester 2
Bachelor in Biology Education

last semester, i did stay with jiha, mia and izzat..
only kak yana, kak  nurul and kak ad moved out..

looking forward for our next nite out together..

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silat class...AGAIN!!!

as usual, every saturday, I have to wake up early for silat class..
and almost died due to the heavy training..
well, i didn't go for silat class last saturday cuz i was in Bangi..
the training doesn't look that bad but if you take part in it, you'll know how BAD and Hard it is..
my legs tramble.. my hands shakes!!!..
MAN!!!.. i was rired...

i really don't like doing push ups using my fingers..

then we continue learning doing locks..
THANK GOD i remembered how to do it..
thanx to my beloved DADDY!!!!
so, I did quite well.. so does my friends..

then a man came in while we were doing silat..
he looked so familiar..
i swear i think i've seen him somewhere...
in a magazine???

then he introduce himself..

he is Cikgu Saiful, president of Gayong in France..
Oh My!!!

no wonder he looked so familiar..
he talked a while and taught us a bit of pukulan..
he said that he wanted to teach silat in America but didn't mange to get his visa to go there...
so he taught in France instead..
if he were to teach in America, i'm sure he'll know my dad.. (^-^)

now i will explain why i put the word "AGAIN" in the title for today's blog..
well, before this, i did get slamed to the earth by Cikgu Khalid..
well, today, I got slamed AGAIN..
he did lock number 6 on me..
but it was not bad as before..
cuz i was prepared this time..

i had fun today even though it was really tiring..
2 more weeks and we will haveour Ujian Bengkong..
well, i got my white bengkong already, but i forgot the lessons..
so, that's why i repeat.. hehehe..

Cikgu Saiful (france)

the guy with keris is Cikgu Azman, he teach in UPSI's Gelanggang..
( Gelanggang Tok Zainal)

the man on the left, i don't know him.. heheh.. but in the middle is Cikgu Majid from Gurun Kedah, and next to him is my dad, Cikgu Sulaiman, founder of Gayong America..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yes!!!!.... Bye2 Mr and Mrs A!!!!!


I mean I felt like I have just celebrated my independence day.. heheheh..
at last, no more burden, for now..
goodbye Mr and Mrs Assignments..
you have troubled me a lot this month and I have been so busy and lack of sleep because of you..
Oh please don't come to me anymore for this semester..
for I shall die if you come and haunt me again...
(hehehe...literature effects..)

In Computer Assist Language Learning (CALL) class, I was quite excited as I was about to hand in 4 asgmnts right after class...
I've given my commitment and presented what I'm suppose to present..
I make it fun as Madam Leela said its like a micro teaching that I have to do..
So, I make it fun as an introduction so it would not be a boring class if i were to teach in class..
i put on this video as an introduction..

and did a couple of exercise as if my friends are my students..
I was just HAPPY!!!!!...


most of my asgmnts have been handed in..
now, on monday i'll pass up my kenegaraan...
then, i have to do my report book for Pengurusan Ko..

next, i wanna go to the river!!!..
wanna have some fun b4 final exam..
it's just around da corner..

even though I'm happy right now, i'm a bit depressed too...
do you know the kind of feeling when you think that you might get something that you want, then suddenly you feel that you might not get the chance to have it at all..
that's what happen to me..
maybe my fault of having too much hope..
but it's not wrong in hoping right??

Be mine.. hehehe...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abang Zafri ♥ Kak Fiza

Abang Zafri And Kak Fiza
(or may I call Uncle Zafri And Aunt Fiza.. hehehe..
Me and ummie.. meratah ayam goreng.. ngee~

macam mane Lan ley jd pengapit??.. x adil btol..

Na bunga!!!.. Na Kawen!!!

last friday, 19th march 2010, right after EC class, like about 8pm, I went back home by train..
there was a 'Kenduri' that I have to attend in Bandar Baru Bangi..
it was Ummie's cousin's wedding.. Abg Zafri...
the theme was Gold, and it was quite nice..
even though most of us are tired but the wedding was splendid..
the weather was not hot nor was it raining..
it was just nice...
many of the relatives came for the wedding..
they even skyped with Mak Teh who is from London..
her daughter Rihanna did came to Malaysia for the wedding on behalf of her..

x kira muda atau tua, sume berebut nak amek bunga.. huhuhuhu..

black kebaya.. Miss Rihanna.. hehehe..

ehehe.. sorry adam.. penyek mu!!!

nothing much I wanna write for this blog as I am stealing my time to update my blog..
gotta go back to my asgmnt..


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy Wednesday

it all began early in the morning..
i did not have enough sleep as i was doing my asgmnts the night before..
i went to literature class fromm 9-10am..
then me and chewy went for food hunt..
well, we did order food at KHAR's cafe but the food was for sunday..
and we had to do this Pengurusan KO activity on wednesday..
to make it simple, it was a short notice given by our instructor..
so, we had to canceled the food and went to find food else where..

we thought of ordering the same food that is mee goreng at other stalls but i don't think they can prepare it in such short time..
so, we went from stall to stall, finding a place where they sell food and drinks in bulk..
Alhamdullilah, we found a grocery store which sell the stuff that we need..
so,, here we are, chewy and me, grabbing 41+41=82 packs of breads for the pengurusan ko later on that evening.. haih.. it was quite embarrassing as people do walk by the store and were looking at us..
then we ordered 2 bulks ( 24+24=48 boxes of drinks) of boxed drinks..
we didn't carry them with us back to college because it was seriously heavy..

done with that, we went back to college and had to canceled the food that we ordered at the cafe..
by that time it was almost 12pm..
so, i went in my room after filling up my stomach with whatever food that i can eat at that time and started to do my asgmnts..
it was the report writing for EC class..
lucky me because we did wrapped up the hamper the night before so i did not have that much work to do in order to prepare for that pengurusan ko thing..
i was so busy typing that i lost track of time..
by the time i realise it was already 3pm!!!

then someone came into my place..

"is Shafiah here?.. Shafiah, where are you?"

it was suba, thilaga and usha..
i promised them by 3pm to get ready to go to the gym for pengurusan ko..
MAN!!!.. i'm so sorry..
they were all ready and here i am wearing my KHAR t-shirt with my shorts on, sitting in front of my laptop..
then chewy came to help us up in carrying the hamper..

i was so in a rush that i just stuffed whatever things that i might need later on..
plus, i have replacement class at 7 pm.. haih...

i was late as my friends have waited for me at the bus stop in front of the campus for 1/2 an hour..
i'm so sorry alya, hanis, nisa and faezah.. wuu..wuu..T_T

then i passed the hamper to them and took chewy, thilaga and usha with me to get the food and drinks and carry them to the gym..
it was totally heavy, the box, i mean..
and the gym was so far away from the entrance (Pintu Timur)...
i was dead tired..
so, when we reached the gym, we set up the place a bit and start packing up the foods and drinks..

then, the rest of the group members of pengurusan ko came in and registered..
it was our turn now to handle a game or function i may say..
because they did theirs already on futsal and pantun..
ours was suppose to be on ikatan dan simpulan tali..
but, because there had been change of plan, we did wall climbing instead..
the instructor in charge was Abang Mizi, a Sport Science student but i did not know what semester he's in..hehehe..
we were suppose to start at 4pm, but he came a bit late due to his class, so we started at 4.30pm..

as me and the rest was waiting for Abg Mizi, i bump into Que and nekman, we are in the same class for EC..
they were having class too at the gym..
hmmmph... the gym going to be very noisy i could tell..

so, the program started, abg mizi taught us a couple of rope knots..
then we started our wall climbing..
it was quite interesting and all of us had fun!!!..
we even did a competition on wall climbing on who's the fastest..

by the time we had finished the program it was already 6.45pm...
so i rushed to the printing store to print out my asgmnt..
i was totally exhausted as i had to edit the pages a little bit..

then, i had to brisk walk ( kak yen taught me that word..hehehe) to class as i was so late..
the class was at Taman U, it was quite far if you had to walk from campus...
as i entered the class, madam let us go for a while to perform our maghrib prayers..
by 8pm, everyone had hand in their group asgmnts..
seriously, i had a headache by that time as i had lack of sleep and had to do stuff that needed me to use my energy a lot!!!..
i lay on the desk for a while as i was waiting for madam to start the class..
well, it was actually a quiz..

i was being tested on this day phisically and mentally...
I'M TIRED!!!!!

it was a writing test..
so, i just write whatever was on my mind regarding the topic given..

i finished it off a bit early than others, so again, i rested my head on the desk..
it was an hour worth of test...
when we finished the class, it was already 9 pm something...
i was hungry...hehehehe...

i planned to eat at the cafe infront of the college but then, yap, hairi and sofie asked me and chewy to go to pesta convo as it was the last day..
so, i just followed them because my aim was  to find food.. LAPAR!!!

we walked around, regardless how tired me and chewy was...
we bought some food and went straight home..
by the time i reached my place it was already 10.30pm..
i took my shower, ate my dinner, rested a bit, then SHUT DOWN!!!

i went to sleep at about 12am..
it was hard to sleep as i was having a headache...

then, the next day, that is today, i have class early in the morning at 8am..
i had to get up early for this writing class...
oh well...

today, i'm just in the mood of cleaning..
so i cleaned up my room as it was in a bit of a mess because usually, after i had done my work, i will shut down my laptop and land on my bed which is just next to my study table..
so, basically, i did not clear up my desk..

my haousem8 was a bit surprise to see me cleaning up..
well, only when my place is clean i will have the mood to keep on doing my piled up asgmnts..

well, i still have like 4 asgmnts to go..
Go Michii!!.. Go Michii!!!... ^-<

abang mizi... =]
alya duta hamper di bilik ku.. hehehhee..


this is how my room looks like.. hek2..


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