Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookie Recipe!! [SPRITZ]

Never in my life have I ever made an entry on my blog about RECIPE!!

Well, today, I feel like the nature is telling me to post this, so, here it is. 

For this entry, the recipe is called...erm....

Supposedly Spritz, well, it is, but just in many different design..hehe..

First, you will need:

2 1/3 cup flour
1 cup icing sugar
1 cup butter
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence



1. Beat icing sugar, butter, egg and vanilla essence till its fluffy.
2. Add flour and salt, mix well.
3. Put it in a cookie presser.

The next step of course you'll need to place it in a baking tray..

The fun part is that you can have as many design as you want!!

Here!!.. Just choose which design, press it, bake it, then you're done!!

Another thing is that you can decorate them as you please.

You can use some choc chip, sprinkles, walnut, etc....

Here are some of the designs that I like.. hehe..

I don't know what to call this design, Colourful Spritz??.. Haha!!

This one look like owl's face!!! Don't you think so??
Owl Spritz!!

This is my favourite!!!
It's so small and tiny!!
I call it..... Cute Spritz!!..

What I like about this cookie is that, once you place it in your mouth, its like, it melts in your mouth!
So soft yet crunchy.. 

To make it short.... SODAP LORH!!!!

Owh, before I forgot, the temperature is only about 170-180 C.
5-7 minutes only..or till it looks like the one I showed you.. hehe...

Have fun trying this recipe!!..
It's simple!



Sunday, December 5, 2010

End of semester 3!! Hoyeah~!

Yeah!.. Alhamdulillah!!!

Yesterday, I was officially done with my semester three!

Though we had two papers in a day [3P & Wacana], but it was okay.

Both papers were worth if one hour examination only but I almost dozed off!

Why? Well, I didn’t have enough sleep I guess. Lately it’s hard for me to go to sleep, by 2.30am or 3am, then, only I’ll be in my dream land. So during the first 30minutes, I was all focus on the questions. Then I started to feel sleepy, lucky me I had finish answering all of the questions. I tried to pull myself together and start checking back my answering sheet. Yeah, I manage to not fall asleep............ until the last 10 minutes before the exam ends! I just can help myself, haha! I placed my head on the table, cover my face with my arm, then, closed my eyes. Of course I wasn’t asleep like so asleep, you know what I mean, but at least I get to rest my eyes. Hehe.


Semester 3 is quite challenging for me, and very challenging for some people that I know. Being a student is not an easy task, other than having problems regarding our studies, when personnel problems takes place, it becomes harder for us. Money issues plays a role too, most of the time.

Well, nothing is easy in this world if we always think it is hard. Yeah, true, but sometimes we just need help in things that we found it hard for us to do it ourselves.

And I’m so grateful that I have my close friends to support me whenever I need them. Effa, Chewy, Elly, Nina and Jos. I love them so much! Before I burst into tears, let us just see the pictures that we’ve taken on our last day in semester 3!


I've made a collage instead this time.
These are the people I Love here in UPSI!

Effa from Kuala Lumpur
Chewy from Sarawak
Hannina from Pahang
Elly from Kelantan
Jos from Sarawak

They're like my family!

Nina went to Kelantan together with Elly last night because her eldest brother is getting married to a Kelantanese girl!

I know it's only three weeks worth of holiday but I will surely miss them. 


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Follow your heart or your brain?

Have you heard the Malay saying “Ikut hati, mati”?

Well, if you ARE from Malaysia, of course you heard it before, if you haven’t, I don’t know what is wrong with you.

“Ikut hati, mati”... direct translation, if you follow your heart you’ll die! I know it is not fair to say so because sometimes in LOVE especially, people prefer to follow their hearts, as love do come from one’s heart eh.

Well, in a way, I do agree with this saying most of the time, because it also means, ‘If you think emotionally it’ll bring you no benefits’.... don’t you think so?
Hearts and emotions do connect and goes well together, don't they?

Situation 1:

I love you so much and I will never leave you till the day I die. Then after a couple of months, or years, they broke off. Feeling so sad being left alone after giving all of your heart, body and soul to that particular person. Then anger plays a role. Wanting that person to feel how you feel when you’re being left behind. When emotion takes place, [I’m referring to women especially], all the yelling comes in, cursing in worst cases, crying, over-eating, emotional breakdown to make it easier. Yeah, sometimes, we, women, do feel sad and lonely and angry when these things happen, but why do we need to drag it? You know what I mean. Let bygone be bygone. Things happen for a reason. Duhh~ What about the case that teenage girls goes to Lombok and get married there with her so called love one?! The news, people, covers the story up saying “kena bomoh ni..”. Yeah, maybe, or is it because of they follow their heart? I don’t know. You do the math.

Situation 2:

When people pick a fight. May be physically or maybe not. Let’s choose the one that is close to me, well, I’m still a student. Your partner or one of your group member didn’t do the work that they were suppose to do, you as a leader must make sure that your project is perfect condition when you pass it up. What do you do? Yell to that person and let he/she do it all by him/herself? Or just put it behind you and try to help him/her out with the limited tie left and confront him/her later after the project is done? Emotionally, you’ll end up yelling and let him/her do the work as you did your part. Then the project wouldn’t be in a perfect condition, and you won’t get the perfect marks. Plus, for you to decide doing that to her/him, you don’t even know the reason why he/she did what he/she did, right? It’s no harm to put your anger away, and to think rationally. Which bring you more benefit? Yeah, think about it.

I got lots of other situation, but I just don’t feel like typing them all up because my personnel experience will take place and I’ll end up being emotional in typing my entry for today. So, better off I end my entry here.

You decide on your own which is the best, to think rationally or emotionally. Yeah sometimes we do need to follow our hearts, but what is the use of our brain [akal] if we don’t want to use it. 

I’ve once..... okay, a couple of times, followed my heart, and yes, it was good and fun, plus I was happy at first, but then it became a disaster and I wish I hadn’t done it. 

See, my own experience taught me not to follow my heart alone, follow your brain instead, and put some heart maybe, just a little bit, not too much eh, then maybe, just maybe, it’ll end up good. Who knows. J


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