Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I got a Job!

Assalamualaikum and hello there people!!

I'm in a GREAT mood today!



Doesn't she looks just like me.. ehehe.. ( perasan~)

I have been to several shops for this past few weeks and the result after all of the interviews are bad.

The interviews went well though, it's just that they never give me a phone call back saying that I'm accepted for the job.

I guess because I said that I'm still studying and my college is in Tanjung Malim, which is so far from my working place and I won't be able to even work part-time when the semester starts.

So, I guess that is the reason why they don't want to hire me.

As a sign of disappointment, I stayed home for one whole week... where in Malay we call it 
"menggemokkan badan"

That's how I look like.  0.0

But it all changed when my sister gave me a phone call and yelled at me.

"Pergi carik keje la! Dok umah je cner nak dpt keje."

"Dh cri, tp x dpt.. tsk..tsk..."

"Yang ko pegi ckp ko blaja apesal, kan skrg tgh cuti."

"Ye la.. ye la.. esok Sofie gi crik lagi keje..."

To make long story short, I went for a job interview today and I got it.


A man got to do what a man got to do, right?

I got a full-time job at 7-Eleven, 15 minutes lazy-walk away from my brother's place, and I can start working by tomorrow.

New experience, new people!

More updates tomorrow after I start working kay peeps!!

Love yah!
( I don't know why I say that.. oh well.)

-out with a SUPERB mood-

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello there readers.

I know in my last entry I said I will try to post one entry a day, but I've failed you. 


Things happened. Things need to be done. So, yeah... that's my excuse.

Back to the title of my entry today. 


One thing about dream...........


I just want to share what I dream about, here, in my blog.

What have I been dreaming about and why do I even want to share it? Like there are people out there who give a damn what I dream about.

(Okay, sorry... harsh...harsh... sophie...)

There's one thing that I can't quite explain myself regarding my dream.

I keep on dreaming of flood. Like a massive one!

Most of the time, I'll be in a tall building and I will be able to see the flood coming from far.

I will not be in a panic. ( Which I doubt in real life )

I will figure out what to do, who to save and many sorts of things.

But then, my dream will end up me not being a victim and the flood eventually stop.

Have you ever watch the movie 2012?

Well, it's something like that. The big wave... Well, in my dream it wasn't that big. I'm just saying....~~

Erm, how to explain.


Okay. Imagine this.

You are in the 5th floor.
You look out of the window and you see this big wave as tall as the height of a 5 storeys building coming towards you.

Yeah, something like that.

I'd dream of that last night.

To my surprise, I recall myself picking up my cellphone and dialed my dad's number.

I was saying I'm sorry for everything, please forgive me and all.... when I suddenly over-heard someone saying the people downstairs didn't make it as the flood has drown them to death.

So I got more worried and terrified, as if I was about to die!

I was apologizing to my dad and I can see my dad on the other end of the line, holding the cellphone in his hand, and crying....

To my luck, the big tall wave did not make it to my floor and I was saved.

( Bear in mind that all of the above actions that I've mention happened in my dream, not in reality)

I dream about this massive floods a lot of time. Seriously.

As much as I don't believe in dream, I just want to know, why do I keep on dreaming about it.

It's kinda scary to me, even though I was saved and I did not panicked in my dream.

But.......... it's just that.........



Imagine you can see the above picture from your house, but just taller and the water is much cleaner and clearer than this.

I've been dreaming about this big waves and floods. 


I haven't been watching any movies that has to do with things like this.


That's all....


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