Sunday, February 28, 2010

final exam shcedule????

i've just finished writing my blog just now when my housem8 suddenly told me the exam shcedule is out!!!
so fast!!!
last sem, we were the last one to know it..
so, i opened up my portal to check it..
it's really is out..
now i feel a bit worried..
still have asgmnts to do..
but exam is just around the corner..
i'm scared!!!!
oh my!!!.. oh my!!!

Exam Schedule
Semester 2 Sesi 2009/2010
  Code Desc Date Time

1 FIK3042 English For Communication II 20/04/2010 09:00 AM

2 ULP1023 Kenegaraan 21/04/2010 09:00 AM

3 BIK3033 Writing Skills 24/04/2010 02:30 PM

4 BIS3013 Introduction To English Literature 26/04/2010 02:30 PM

5 BIC3133 CALL 27/04/2010 09:00 AM

6 KPF3012 Perkembangan Pendidikan Di Malaysia : Falsafah dan Dasar 04/05/2010 09:00 AM 

fever..fever.. go away..

last wednesday, at nite, i keep on sneezing due to that gas thing in KHAR..
man, it was os uncomfortable..
then on thursday i kept on sneezing again and my head felt heavy..
i don't really have any appetite to eat at all..
but chewy wants me to eat.. hehhee..
so, after literature class, we went back home..
i didn't even change my shirt and went straight to sleep..

i had a very bad fever..
at night i couldn't sleep well..
how can u feel hot an dshiver at the same time??
that was how i felt like..
so i woke up at 5.30am on friday to change my shirt..
didn't even bother to shower cuz it was so cold, even though i'm hot.. (..?????...)

da best thing of having fever is that you don't feel hungry..
so, i told my housem8, izat to buy me some food..
in terms of fever, soup is the best..
so she bought be mee kung fu..
i didn't go to the clinic cuz it's maulidr rasul..
the clinic is closed..
waited for saturday..
kak sarah, ka maiza and jiha wanted to go to pasar mlm in pekan..
jihah wanted to go to clinic and she asked me to go with her..
but my head is too heavy at that time and i don't feel like walking..
so, i passed but did told them to buy me bihun sup.. hehehehe..

then on sunday i got a little better than b4..
but not for my voice..
it was quite embarrassing for me to pick up calls from anyone..
my voice was so funny.. i may say..
a fren of mine called me and he said my voice sounded like it's about to vanish!!!!
i cough a lot and i sneeze a lot..
dat's why my voice is ike that..
even chewy said my voice is a bit different..
i didn't even called my granpa( wan, ummie's dad..) to wish him happy birthday..
how can i??
the, i went to chewy's place..
she felt pity for me.. ( i think..) she served me porridge..
so sweet of her..
nina even visited me on saturday to check how was i'm doing..
my friends are so sweet to me..

i don't remember when it happened but my right shoulder really hurts..
i can't do the strecth i used to do with my right arm right now..
haih.. so many things happened to me this week..
well, bye bye now february..
i welcome u march.. the month i've been waiting for..

Thursday, February 25, 2010

futsal!!!! then a lot of smoke.. ishh!!

avenue: gelanggang futsal KUO
time: 5pm-7pm
date: 24th February 2010

every Wednesday i have my pengurusan ko-kurikulum class..
so, this time around, it is the first group to go on with their activities that they had planned..
and they chose futsal..
so, here we are playing under the hot burning sun..
when it is not my team's turn to play, we have to sit down on the floor..
and it felt like my butt being barbequed..!!!
physical science against TESL, TESL against BM, BM against physical science..who do you think will win..
of course physical science!!.. urghh!!!
i was so pump up to play yesterday.. but unfortunately we lost..
got 3rd place from 4 places..
quite alright..


starting the game..


BM against physical science..


pom-pom girls.. hehehehe..


tired woo.. posing after loosing.. =(


check out our hamper.. hehehe..
( from left: salimah, aliya, nisa, hanis, zaf and me)

later after futsal, we went to buy drinks at the KUO market..
i smelt something..
a gas which they use for the mosquitoes..
so, when i walk around KHAR, the college i stay in, i see all these smokes..
seriously, i can smell it..
it makes my head dizzy..
i really feel sick due to inhaling this gases..


KHAR on fire!!!.. hehehe.. not!!!


the guy responsible in making me feel sick!!!


u can see our lobby now.. full of gas!!!


the victims of the situations.. haih...

i hate this gas..
i lost my appetite now..
sneezing a lot..
only one thing that makes me feel a bit at ease is that i've submitted my writing asgmnt today..
a couple more of asgmnt to go then i'm done..


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Chinese New Year Holiday!!!!

during this holiday, I went back to Kamil's house because my mom stays there now..
I arrived on thursday (11th feb 2010), had a great time helping my mom in the kitchen.
usually she doesn't allow me to help her.. hehehe..
then on saturday izzee's family and izan's family came to kamil's house..
my mom wanted to try the noodles that PUDING  cooked during POT-LUCK..
so we had that noodles for our lunch, but this time around I ate with mussel..
didn't manage to take a picture of it.. i was busy playing with my little nephew.. Iman Hakimi..

then on sunday izzee brought me and our mom to a kenduri near their house..
i don't even know the bride and the groom, but my sis-in-law did.. i guess..
the theme was purple.. again i didn't take any pictures.. it was to hot for me to have fun snapping pictures here and there..
as soon as we finished eating we went to kak ita's ( sis-in-law) mom's house..
sit there for a while.. cooling our body off..
later, we went to IKEA..
haven't been there for quite some time..
last time i went there with kamil, kak ayu and their friend..
my mom likes IKEA..
so many things she wanted to buy..
but we didn't buy much there..
my nieces ( quesha and aliyah) took the pencils in IKEA..
it was free!!!!

on monday and tuesday i struggled doing my asgmnts..
which i couldn't manage to finish it off.. huhuhuu..
so, on tuesday evening i went to my dad's house..
have to renew my passport..
slept there that night so that i could go to the immigration early in the morning..
unfortunately i woke up late.. so, didn't get there on time.. haih...
then on thursday i went there again..
this time around i'm early.. yes!!!!
but i had to stay there from 7.30am till 4pm!!!!!!
yes, the passport only took 2 hours to be done..
but i had to wait for my turn for like 5 1/2 hours ti hand in my form!!!..
but at least i did renewed them..
so, the very same day, my dad send me off to batang benar KTM station..
going back home to my mom..
but on the way, i stopped at gombak..
going to my opah's house..
my cousin, ngah picked me up at LRT station because it was raining..
i stayed there for quite some time, then izzee came to pick me up..
it has been a long time since the last time i ride motorcycle at night..
the last time was with my mom...
ngah gave me a key chain.. it was sweet of her..


key-chain ngah gave me

then on friday, kamil came home with some fruits!!!!
it was oranges and durian!!!!
it was a very pleasant night indeed...
it was like we ate a whole durian each!!!

on saturday izan came and pick us ( me & mmmy) to go to her house..
she wanted to bake orange cake, mummy's recipe..
we bought some kueh and nasi ayam on the way to her house..
we didn't straight away bake the cake as Iman still didn't want to sleep yet..

so when we did start i just helped out in mixing the ingredients..
the i suggested to bake chocolate cake..
so we use my recipe..
but it turn out not to be a cake.. but brownies!!!!...
but it was good though...
we were satisfied..
my sister named them HomeMade Orange Cake & Brownies..
she even thought of selling them to her neighbours..
credit to me!!!


Orange Cake



on sunday, i went back to college..
it was a fun holiday for me..
but i didn't manage to spend time with Amin, my brother..
i did saw him in opah's house..
but didn't talk for long with him..
i arrived at college by maghrib..
together with my course mate, hafiz..
bump into him at Rawang train station..

as soon as i reached my room, i was really dizzy..
i even took the wrong train from KL sentral..
i was suppose to go to rawang, not seremban..
so i stopped at bandar taseik selatan and took another train to rawang..
very i was standing and being squashed in the train..

then monday, lecture starts, mid-term test awaits......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

POT-LUCK!!!! next day futsal..yes!!!

date: 09.02.2010
avenue: 1-9-12 ( josephine's house)

i was doing my discussion at KHAR's cafe with chewy when suddenly we meet with nina-chan and elly..
she said she sent me a message but i didn't receive it at all..
it was regarding POT-LUCK..
it's the 1st time i heard it in my life..
it something like sharing food.. hehehe..
right after discussion me and chewy went to josephine's house..
lucky chewy who was totally hungry att that time, they cooked noodles..
we bought some chips along to shae with them too..
this POT-LUCK was handled due to CNY holiday..
everyone seems to go back to their home town..
so, we feel like celebrating b4 we all go home..
well, PUDING only of course.. ( fie, zaf, effa, jos, nina, elly and mia)
we had great time and the food was pleasant..
i even presented a video i made on PUDING..
well, it was actually my asgmnt on movie maker, CALL class..
effa was so touched..
the tittle of my video is SailorMoon UPSI...
our junk-food.. 

nina-chan's treats

cooked by jos.. nyum, nyum...





the next day on 10th February 2010, me and chewy had this pengurusan ko-kurikulum we have to attend..
it was on futsal..
at 1st everything went quite well as we just need to listen to the explanation in KUO's hall..
then the challenge comes when we were need to play futsal under the hot burning sun!!!!
man!!!.. it was a really hot day and i easily get burnt i tell you...
despite all the hotness of the sun, the sweat making us feel uncomfotable, we did had fun..
my 1st time playing futsal, but it was not that bad at all..
5 in a team.. my team 4 female TESL'ians, 1 male sport science students..
against 5 sport science students.. fair????
well, it was just a practice..
the real match going to be on 24th february if i'm not mistaken..
i want to win!!!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


it's been a while i haven't write anything here..
well.. been a bit busy..
asgmnt s to hand in.. paper work to do..activities to handle..meeting to attend..discussion to be made..
haih.. this is what life in Campus is all about.. being busy!!!

today, alhamdulillah i've completed, to me the heaviest asgmnt this semester, falsafah & dasar..
well, to me it's heavy because you need real facts and no personal opinion "base on what i think", etc..
because plagerism are strictly forbidden, no copy paste, of course..
reconstructing the sentences are quite a challenge for me..
using correct Malay after not writing any Malay essays for almost 3 years..

i did hand in several of my asgmnts already few weeks before..
the next task that a bit challenging is my literature group work..
finding a literary work and do my homework on them, the writer and having to act whatever literary item we chose..
acting??? i prefer being the narrator..

then this 600words per essay i had to submit, and not only one essay but 5 essays!!!

600 x 5 = 3000words!!!

i could make a novel..
for CALL asgmnts, it's not that hard.. it has to do with computer..
which i do kind of familiar with everything Madam Leela teaches us..

other than that, my kenegaraan, it's ok.
i like meeting mr.kanthasamy asking for his advice and opinion..
maybe that's why i don't feel much burden on this..
because he always have solution for every problems we had..

this semester is really challenging...

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