Sunday, May 23, 2010


date: 23/05/2010
time :10am-3pm
avenue: kampung kerinchi

i followed my dad to this place as there was a silat presentation or something like that..
what i did was.. SNAP!!..SNAP!!..SNAP!!!...

enjoy the pictures.... (^-^)

Cikgu Saiful from france..

Pak Ngah, Cikgu Saiful, Cikgu Sulaiman(daddy) and Cikgu Majid..
[ummie posing in PINK!!]


titanic??.. hahaha!!!...

chuck slam!!!..

back flip!!

they like to fly~

it was too fast, that's why the picture is like this.. sorry.. hehehe..

let's play "kayu sembat"!!!

yea!!.. more flip!!!!

we were standing under the hot burning sun!!!
even kicik with stand the heat just to watch the silat performances..

it was NEAT!!!!
i like it!!
all the jumps, flips...etc...

Silat Gayong Gurun Kedah ROCKS!!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

result semester 2

My semester 2 exam's result is not good...

my pointer dropped quite a bunch compared to semester 1..
well, the excuse was "semester 2 papers are hard!!!"...
can be accepted..but not me...
i'm not saying that i'm great or good or clever or what so ever...
but i know myself well enough..
and I know why i get that kind of result..

semester 1, I was really pumped up to do the exam..
i even made short colourful notes!!!
i joined study group..
i was really studying..( for certain subject only that was Linguistic )..
well, i did feel like i was facing exam that time...

semester 2....
answer base on what i have in my head...
that's all..
i did study..
a little bit............only....
i don't know..
i just...
i didn't feel like i was facing exam at all..
it was like a test to me...
i wasn't serious i guess...
i have never been serious for exam in my whole entire life time...
that is the hardest thing for me to change... to be serious during exam...
i don't know why i'm like that..
i wanted to change, but when exam comes, i'm still like that..
OH GOD!!!!!

i hate myself when it comes to this..
i know i can do better but i refuse..

my parents did say something regarding to this..
it's not like i don't appreciate their advices, but.....
i need a kick on my butt!!

(just saying, didn't really mean it..or want it.. the kick i mean..)

i'm going to umrah next month and of of my doa will be on my attitude in studying and facing exam...
i really need to change that ASAP!!!!

i realize since i was in primary school that i'm a very stubborn child...
always wanting to do things that i want to do only...
if i don't want to do it and i was forced to do it, i'll do it 50-50....

i want to change...

my result is not good or strong enough...
i need to do better...
i will try to do better next semester..
the matter of fact, I AM GOING TO DO BETTER NEXT SEMESTER!!!

i need to learn to keep promises to myself..
i need to learn to put 100% effort in all my work...

Insya-Allah i can do that....

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!!!

i don't really remember my primary schools' teachers but i remember this one particular teacher (whose name i had forgotten~) who had helped me a lot when i was in std 4 in SK Taman Ehsan (1999)...
i wasn't living in a good and stable life back in the days...
i faced hardship in life that sometimes we don't even have food to eat..
we don't have new clothes to be worn..
we don't even have pocket money to eat in school or even to bring our own lunch box to school..

but this teacher, she was my Kajian Tempatan teacher and she really liked to talk to me a lot..
sometimes she gave me pocket money during recess time in school or she will bring me a lunch box..
she also did gave me some new school uniforms..
she always told me to study hard so that one day i can help my mom and change the way we were living..
she knew that i love math so much so she encouraged me to do well in that subject..
as a prove i scored 100% in all math tests and exams during the whole year i was in std 4...
she was indeed really proud of me..
but in std 5, i had to change school because we were moving to gombak..
it was kind of saddening being a part from someone who really cared and encouraged me a lot in something that i love the most..

she was the only teacher that i really look up to..
although i have met many teachers in my life, and they did helped me  lot in school in becoming a great prefect, a good debater, a good public speaker, and all the academic stuff, but this one particular teacher, she wasn't helping me as a teacher, she was helping as a mother..

she was really a caring and loving teacher..
she was the reason i love math so much as she always encourage me in it..
she was the reason i like to be a prefect..
she was the reason that everything went on smoothly in school for me whenever she was around..
she was the one i can lay my head one when i have problems with my friends..

she was really SUPERB!!!
up till now i still can't forget about her..
even though i don't remember her name, but i still remember her kindness..
and i really love her so much~
happy teacher's day teacher..
thanks for everything that you had done for me..
you are a great teacher and there is no way i will forget you..

Saturday, May 15, 2010

3 weeks to go~

Flight Details.

QR621          KL-Doha          
depature(9.55am)          arrive(12.45pm)

QR766          Doha-Jed         
depature(1.45pm)          arrive(4.15pm)

QR767          Jed-Doha          
depature(5.45pm)          arrive(8.00pm)

QR624          Doha-KL          
depature(2.15am)          arrive(2.45pm)

allahumma yassir wala tua'ssir.....

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day and Baby Aira's Birthday.

avenue: bandar baru bangi seksyen 3
date: 9th May 2010

Happy 2nd Birtday Aira!!!

Aira and her mom..


bday girl...

always ready to pose.. ^^,

carrot cake...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

what i do in wangsa maju...

it has been almost a week since the last time i posted any blog..
well, i've been back in wangsa maju..

i get to meet my BBFF!!
thanx for the gift~

date: 29th April 2010

on this date my mummy turned 57!!!!
we celebrated her birthday..
i wanted to cook for her but she insisted in cooking herself..
by 9.30pm all of my sibling were in the house already..
except for amin, i guess he had some work to do..
we had a great time!!!
me and my sis izan even created a song..
well, not creating actually but translating..
wonder girls' song, nobody, into Kelantanese~

"tok se oghe laen nok mu!!"

ehehehe... we even dance a lil bit as kamil turn on the video on his lappy..

Date: 1st May 2010

i woke up in the morning as i have to go back in tg.malim..
moving time!!!
okay, i didn't finish my final exam yet..
but it will be easy for me to move my stuff earlier..
so, off i go with my daddy to tg.malim that morning..
thanks to kak maiza, kak yatt, jiha, effa and nina who helped me out in carrying my stuff...
after i had moved my stuff in my daddy's house, off we went to KLCC..
we went to meet Jamilah, my daddy's student from Thailand..
and we had lunch at Burger King..
i ate The Angry Whopper ( spicy )!!!!
by that time it was already 4pm something due to heavy traffic on the road and in the mall.. hehehe..
then amin called me saying he was already at home..
so i had to rush home..
like right after i fill up my belly and it was indeed really full.. ( perot sengkak!!), i walk towards LRT station and ran to the train as it was closing as i reached it..
then when i reached wangsa maju i had to walk home..
it was indeed challenging...
it was about to rain..
i was carrying a bag with some clothes in it..
and my belly was full..
walking up cuz it was like a hill~

when i reached home, amin brought his friend along..
we talked for a bit regarding kamil as he was not home at that time..
amin bought mummy some presents and she really like it.. A LOT!!!

date: 2nd may 2010

and today, i'm going out for a kenduri somewhere in cheras...
my sis-in-law's family...

and i have to go back to tg.malim 2morrow as i have my final paper on tuesday..

even though i seem to be having a great time..
there are some stuff messing in my mind..
oh well~

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