Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AT LAST!!! (penantian terjawab..)

a month has passed.. without him.. my life was not what i like to call in a good condition.. i suffered enough.. i suddenly realize that in life, i need him to be with me.. always there for me because without him, my life gonna be empty.. i mean my stomach gonna be empty.. "him" here is PTPTN loan..


Well, after being cut off with campus fees, college fees, being deducted RM500 for this sem due to the RM1500 cheque i've received earlier before.. there's not much left..

plus, RM98 for silat ( fee=RM25, cloth=RM73) that i have to pay this saturday..
everyday money..

at least i won't be bugging my dad for a while.. hehehe..
insya-allah this money will last me till the end of sem and hopefully i will save some for next sem in case this thing ( ptptpn late) happens again..

YES!!! WE UPSI'ians ARE HAPPY!!!.... for now....

but question still need to be answered..
why do we get our money one month after semester 2 starts??
who's responsible??
who should be blame??
what happened to our money that makes us get our loan soooooo late??

pointing fingers is not what i wanna do here, but seriously, don't they know how on earth we, studets in UPSI survive before getting our loans??
some ate just maggie, some ate only fried rice, some ate only boiled eggs!!!!
why do we need to live in such way when we did make an agreement for the loan??
shouldn't we receive it on time??
some even fainted due to not eating the whole day..
people blame parents, they should support their children in time like this..
ok, yes, parents should support their children.. but hey, where's your brain??
do all parents have money like the one live in a mansion??


this issue need to be answered..
with all this election going on right now, i think they should consider this thing to bring up answers and justice to them that have been the victims of the situation...
one thing i hate about this election thing, is that, once they win mostly they forgot their promises, as long as they win, it's good enough..
as long as they get what they want, it's good enough..

the excuse they gonna give :
1. i have asgmnts to finish up..
2. i have mid-term paper to face
3. i have to study for the quiz

to me, if you can't carry the responsibility and the commitment, step down already..
we all have stuff to do here in university..
don't make that as a reason why you can't keep to your promises..


Sunday, January 24, 2010

banners!!!.. banners!! every where!!!

my intention waking up this morning was to go to the library doing some discussion..
so, i grab my bag with my laptop in it, standing inside of the lift, pressing the button 'G'..
as soon as the lift door opened, i can see all these banners, every where..
i've post this in fb..

SOPHIE MICHII : ape la byk2 banner nih.. rimas tol...

then kak lok, our former instructor for olahraga comment..

Lok Yun Loi: kakaka...biasa arrr...
dah gitu rutinnya stp kli nk pilihanraya, mmg penuh dgn banner n poster merata... ;-)
well, i've been in this situation before too.. back in KmP..
but here in UPSI..
i think it's rather too crowded with this posters of them wanting people to vote for them for this upcoming election day..
try to imagine this, when you walk under the poster or banner, it can actually touches your head if you're tall enough..
i mean, isn't that disturbing..
ok2.. i know it's for the election, but c'mon..
can't you place it any higher???

it was rather a hot day for me, especially wearing this KHAR t-shirt that has the same colour as UPSI's bus..
when i was in the library doing the discussion, me and my other friends smelled something weird..
like something was burning.. we thought it was our laptop.. but it wasn't..
then suddenly.. NO LIGHTS!!!!...
chewy was making some jokes that maybe a lizard got stuck in main switch box..
so, i walked around to see what's happening..
well, i do think it was a short circuit or something 'cause i smelled it from the main switch box too.. maybe..
well, it took like 10 minutes before the light went on again..
luckily it was not the air-cond.. 'cause i was really HOT!!!

when my tummy started to sing, it's time for us to go back..
it was like 2.45pm..
that's the time i started snapping some pictures..
again i must say, it was really HOT!!!!!!
chewy had to use an umbrella..

after i'm done we went to EZ corner for our late lunch..
then we bump into our friend who's taking a subject that we do here, that is falsafah&dasar..
we chat for a while before he went in the bus 'cause he had a discussion too at the library..
well, i think me & chewy was the 'cause of him missing two buses in a row for chit-chatting with us..
well, we did talk about academic, to my surprise.. heheheh..

then after all of my day activities, here i am, updating my blog about what's going on in UPSI..
a bit tired.. but there's asgmnts awaiting.. haih...



michii & chewy are tired...










bus stop depan campus




bus stop depan KUO

if my coursem8 hafiz yg lalu, mesti da kena kepala dia nih..


kawasan KHAR





Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PTPTN... sucks!!!!

28th december 2009
all of the IPTA's students registered for their next semester in their universities..
for me and most of my friends, we're in our 2nd semester now, taking degree..
ok, it is a normal thing at the starting of semester money are needed..
university fees, colege fees, club fees, books, etc.. need to be paid..
i was well informed that most of other government universities ptptn was already in for their students..
some during the early semester, and some even before the semester starts..
here i like to question..
who should be blame??
it has almost been a month now since semester 2 started..
we used our own money living here...
some had to ask from their parents for money..
if they're rich, well, that's not a problem for them..
but what about these unfortunate students that doesn't have such comfortable income for their families..
from what money they can use to live??
yeah right, interviews and long processes are needed to be done..
by the time the process are done, we might be in our 3rd semester..
ok, some just don't feel comfortable asking money from their parents..
parents shouldn't even bother about their children financial as we did sign an agreement of asking loan from PTPTN..
we have to freaing pay back the money, of course...
we made a loan, so aren't the money should be in our account as promised and in time???
i heard news that there are some students here fainted due to not eating the whole day..
why??.. well, no money of course...
what to eat when you have no money?!!
this is a serious case...
why only UPSI haven't received PTPTN yet??!!!
there were also rumors saying that because of there were some error in our final exam results, they had to re-do the marks..
due to that, UPSI submitted the results late to PTPTN authorities or something like that..
in order for the students whom ask for PTPTN loan to get their money, they need to see the students' results 1st..
so, who's faults is it now??!!!
we did answer our exam in time, of course, submit them in time..
now, who's responsible for the error occurred in the final exam marks??
US??!!! HELL NO!!!!
this stuff really getting on my nerves..
i'm not gonna keep bagging my dad for his money..
even though he's my father..
'cause it really look like i'm so reckless in spending my money, i'm not reliable, and like to over spend..
i'm keeping a really tight budget now, meal once a day, reducing y expenditure..
being really carefull in spending my money now..
the authorities might say...
" who told you to spend all of your money last sem??"


this ought to be solve as soon as possible or i might as well just post this FREAKING NEWS about PTPTN in all the newspaper..
HELL, my mom did this before, there ain't no teacher to teach me account when i was in form 4 like for about 4 months..
we didn't learn nothing..
my mom post it in The Star newspaper..
the next day i got a teacher..
how efficient is that..
people are testing us UPSI'ians..
don't blame us if this get into the newspaper tomorrow..

sued because of shoes..

yesterday, tones of female students are sued here in UPSI..
students who wore other kind of shoes than the one that are allowed were given warning letter..
i was walking through the entrance when i saw these women, being stop by the guards..
they were wearing sandles, not covered shoes..
ok, i know we are all teachers to be, and we're gonna work with  the government..
but is it like really necessary for us to really dressed up so formally like that??
i mean, c'mon.. we are teachers to be.. not a teacher yet..
but we are going to spend our lives 4 years here..
you can't be that strict now, can you..
i mean, this is a university right, what the fun of it being a university students if the attire code are so formal..
it's like back in matriculation, or even school..
the only difference is that it's not a uniform..
think about this, what is so wrong for the women to wear sandles??
is it improper??
seriously, i do think that sandles are accepted..
you don't expect us to wear covered shoes for 4 years here??!!
well, i don't have problems with that 'cause i do wear them..
but now i'm saying this for the sake of other female students in UPSI..
why are the female government workers are allowed to wear sandles to work??
why are teacher themselves, and even lecturers are allowed to wear sandles too??
i mean, does it make sense??
u're telling us to wear these covered shoes to look formal, but looking back again, u're not wearing them!!
i'm not pointing fingers to anyone, but there's nothing wrong with using your heads..
as long as those shoes look proper enough, why not allow them to be worn??
slippers or sandles that do look like slippers, yes, of course that does not look proper at all..
i seriously think UPSI should consider about this..
they like do wear them, let them wear them, ain't no harm in it..
u want them to feel comfortable and happy staying here, well u ought to do something about these rules.
'cause some of them are just totally ridiculous..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

my journey to BB..

time: 10.36pm
date: 16.01.2010

hari nie sedikit kelainan..
kuh na tulis dalam bahasa melayu pulak.. ( tapi ade sikit2 english laa )
cam biase pg2 hari sabtu kne bgun awal..
x pat na tdo cam last sem lagi da..
kelas silat harus kuh hadiri jua..
last week da wat mandi perlimau seni and perlimau tapak, msuk mggu nih da lupe sikit gerakan anak harimau and bunga tanjung..
hancus sume org wat.. heheheh..
kitorg diseksa smpi kul 11.30am..
penat gak bab byk la pulak gerakan na kne wat pg uh..
then kuh bergegas pulang utk bergerak ke KL..
na blik umah dady.. amek baju silat.. (lau beli it'll cost me RM73.. berapa hari punya mkn uh kuh boleh save.. da la ptptn x msuk lg.. hampeh... )
bila kuh siap mandi da kul 12.30pm.. sebab kne berebut bas na blik kolej.. cam biase la kan..
kol pak tam dia x de kat tg.malim..
num pakcik wira plak ntah kemana..
then kol pakdin..
termenung daku menunggu pakdin selama 30 minit di stesen bas.. ( actually bace buku laa, x termenung pun.. hehehe)
kul 1.10pm bru dia smpi.. ampun maaf di hulur kan kpd kuh se olah2 menyambut hari raya aidilfitri..
x pe la, lunch hour pun, sume lapa na mkn..
smpi ktm tg.malim, train gerak kul 1.50pm..
so, ape ley wat, tggu je laaa..
bila da msuk train uh keletihan menguasai diri kuh..
tido la jap.. smpi setiap stesen ku terjaga..
di rawang kne tukar train.. kaki kuh yg agak sakit sebab asyik wat kuda2 mse silat pg td kuh paksa jua mendaki tangga utk ke landasan yg satu lg heading seremban ( tp na turun kat KL sentral )
msuk train uh penuh la pulak.. ishh.. wa punat woo.. kne diri lak.. hampeh tol..
da la agak sesak.. pelbagai bangsa yang ade termasuk la yg bukan rakyat malaysia.. so phm2 je la situasi nyer..
kuh gagah kan jua diri kuh utk berdiri, pasang lagu gne ear phone, memekakkan diri drpd mndengar perbualan org laen yg tidak kuh fahami bahasa mereka..
smpi di KL sentral agak lega.. udara yg agak bersih dapat kuh hirup..
kuh naek lrt ke masjid jamek krn last time i went to bukit bintang, if i'm not mistaken i took lrt to masjid jamek then took a taxi from there to bukit bintang..
but unfortunate for me, jln peanut butter and jam pulak..
so, pakcik teksi yg baik hati nih drop me off kat monorel yg terdekat..
seriously, dis is my 1st time naek monorel.. kocik bebeno eyh..
sempit cam tin sardin.. kuh menyumbatkan diri kuh jua, lantak la,na msuk jugak.. da penat2 smpi sni x kan na tggu next train.. my leg can't take it anymore.. NA DUDUK!!!!
tp naek monorel pun x pat na duduk.. haish.. WHY LAA!!!!
akhirnya kuh ketemu wajah yg kuh kenali, ketiga-tiga mereka memakai baju berwarna oren..
kelegaan dpt kuh rasai, perjalanan kuh yg memenatkan dan memeningkan td berbaloi jua dan alhamdulillah kuh sempat smpi..
perut menyanyikan lagu negaraku..
lalu daddy membelanja kuh KFC...
then off to tok su's house.. lapek2 jap.. tgk video yg daddy wat 4 abg azril's punya wedding.. MENARIK!!!!
smpi maghrib la jugakdok sne.. kuh seriously na tertido.. terasa penat sikit..
pukul 9pm smpi di rumah daddy kuh di bukit mahkota, kajang...
di mana tmpt kuh sedang menaip blog kuh sekarang ini.. smbil adik kuh menonton cd power rangers yg di beli oleh ummie di BB ptg tdi..
air cond yg membuatkan mata kuh pedih dan mau pejam..
namun kuh mau buat asgmnt juga mlm ini..
klau msih ade lg tenaga yg boleh kuh perah..
asgmnt yg menimbun tidak akan surut selagi kita tidak mula menyelesaikannya..

Thursday, January 14, 2010

sweet!!!!.. sour... sweet!!!!

my yesterday starts in a very fine day..
it all went well & i had a very happy day.. i mean like seriously happy..
my face keep on putting a smile & have happy thoughts..
i can hardly remember when was the last time i had the kind of feeling and that type of happiness in my life..
the joy that can make me forget about all da burdens, all the problems, all the saddening things in my life..
to tell the truth, i had a BLAST!!!
well, it all ended when the evening class started.. Pengurusan Ko-k..
the PUDING were seperated.. me & chewy in group 1, while the rest in group 2..
plus we had to do activities regarding to the co-curiculum we chose..
well, i noe it's part of the course.. my group were given Badan Beruniform..
and they chose Scout.. what activities to do.. we haven't really decided yet..
what make my mood change was..
i was wearing grey kebaya with white pants..
the lecture before this was in the lecture hall.. dat's why i was wearing like that.. ( not wearing sports attire...)
we were brought to the field and was told to sit down..
the feci ask me.." is there any problem??".. with a face like kerek giler..
yes i have a problem, i'm about to make my white pants look like my butt if i sit on the field..
GOD...does this woman has an eye problem or something.. URGHH!!!!
so, i took my books and phone out of my bag..
lay the bag on the field and place my white ass on it...
i know how it looks like but i dun have any other choice..
after quite some time then she told us to sit by the side road instead..
by the time!!!!.. man, why can't she tell us to do so earlier...
poor my beautiful bag..
i really took care of it but now it had my ass on it..
sorry bag... =(
we discussed for a while about what we're gonna do and so on..
by 7pm we went back to college..
i was so frustrated due to what happen plus i got mud on my white pants, so i straight away landed on my bed with my pillow covering my face..
then i heard a familiar voice in the house...
kak ad??? ( my housem8 in semester 1, now in KL doing her practical in teaching chemistry, she's from kedah )
i went out of my room and went to the room where i heard the voice from..
to my surprise.. "Kak Ad!!!!!"...
she's here because she had too see the lecturer regarding her posting and so on..
she's gonna stay here juz like a few days.. 

i was jumping!! so happy to see her.. i hugged her before i even shake her hand.. hehehehe..
she arrived at the house like 4pm or so.. i was in the campus at that time..
i missed her so much.. cuz she's the one that used to cook and all of us will have a taste on what she's cooking.. hehehe..
last semester, me, kak ad, kak sarah, jihah and her friend ekin, we made like a feast before everyone goes home for the semester break.. we cooked tomyum..
we were so full and we had a fun nite together..
after chit chatting a while with kak ad i took my shower and off to my bed..
it's time to continue reading up my book..
currently i'm reading blood game..
it's not spooky or anything..
but the way of the story line makes me feel nervous and keep hoping that the characters in the book are fine..
makes me berdebar- debar when reading it..
sometimes bulu roma kuh meremang jua..
but it's good to read before going to sleep..
cuz it'll make my eyes go tired and i'll easily go to sleep..
not like before this..
took me a while to go in my dream world...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

adegan berasak yg kuh x suka...

date: 12th january 2010

time is not stated cuz things happened in various times.. i guess..
chewy and me stayed in the library for quite some time.. plus we have discussion at two regarding our falsafah & dasar thing..
later at 3.30pm we went to the language faculty to see the dean..( after several attempts for a few days to get chewy's exam slip..we still didn't manage to get it.. haih...)
as usual, he's not in his office.. WHY??!!!
it's so frustrating.. hmmph..
then off we went to pn.ainon's office..
well, we did sheduled our apoinment at 11.30am, but she has something to do at that time, so 3.30pm it is.. cuz she said to come by in the evening..
but.. she's not in the office either..
again.. WHY??!!!
we waited till 4pm then we take our leave to the bus stop.. ( it was raining.. urghh!!!.)
chewy felt bad..

chewy: should we wait?? do we need to leave a note?? do we need to wait till like 5pm??

man.. she really felt bad abut leaving and not waiting for pn.ainon.. huhuhuhu..

sophie: we did wait for her.. plus now it's raining.. to make u feel better the door is gonna be locked by 5pm.. how on earth are we gonna get in the faculty??
chewy: but what if she ask us in class tomorrow?? why didn't we wait for her?.. do u have her phone number??.. we should call her.. tell her that we have something to do in the evening or something..

seriously, usually i'm da one dat will get paranoid like dis back in kmp.. but now, chewy is da one..

sophie: well, we can always tell her that the door is locked.. sure she knows that too..

so, off we went on the bus to get back to the college..
this is the part that i hated the most..
yes, sometimes we do need to fight and push around to get a place in the bus..
but pushing like u want to kill someone is different..
adegan tolak menolak yg sgt dahsyat and diri kuh tersepit di tgh2..
perghh.. x ley na bernafas wooo.. giler arr..
cikgu cikgu berasak bagai x mau.. macam ade bom na meletop jek kat blakang kitorg yg dorg na menggelabah sgt naek bas..
sakit aty woo..
mne x nyer.. den da elok2 bebeno beratur nyer.. tetibe mnusia2 yg mggelabah nih maen tolak2 mcm na bunuh org jek..
tau la ujan.. tp rintik2 je kot.. apesal cam elergic sgt ngan ujan uh.. trok ar..
blik smpi je kat bilik, kuh landing atas katil..
smpi magrib.. hmm....


Monday, January 11, 2010

a really.. REALLY..REALLY!!!..bad day..

schedule monday : FALSAFAH & DASAR (Taman Bernam 9)
11am-12pm : WRITING SKILLS ( Dewan Kuliah G )
4pm-6pm : KENEGARAAN ( Dewan Kuliah C )

in order to get to taman bernam, i have to take 2 bus..
one from college to campus, then from campus to Taman Bernam..
i woke up at 7.55am cuz i went back to sleep after subuh due to lack of sleep ( sleep at 4am)..
i was doing my asgmnts that night..
so i had to rush while chewy had been waiting for me at the bus stop..
i got at the bus stop by 8.20am..
lucky us there's bus and when we get to campus the bus to taman bernam didn't leave yet..
so we manage to get to class in time..
but unlucky me, i was in a rush..
the result i didn't bring my water bottle, my note book, my writing pad and my dictionary..
the class was for 2 hours..
ok laa.. then this lecturer get carried away with his story going to trengganu and telling taht his wife is a shoppaholic..
what do i care??!!
i mean.. not in a bad way but don't you know something called "TIME"???
he did not even have a glance of his watch to check what time it is..
it was already 11am and he still keep talking..
it's not that i'm a coward to raise up my hand and tell him to stop..
it's juz dat everyone is having a great time listening to his story..
i was so pissed off..
by 11.05am he let us go..
we waited for the bus which it is hard to get in taman bernam..
well, if he had let us go 10minutes before we might have hop in a bus already by then..
thanx to him we were late for writing class..
i hate when i'm late.. Mr.Zain also said that if you're late 15minutes he'll mark as absent..
by the time i got to his class it was already 11.20am..

sophie: sorry we're late, the lecturer let us go late at 11.05am and it was hard to get a bus...
mr.zain: owh..ok..what you're name?
sophie: shafiah and zafira
mr.zain : i already mark you as absent.
sophie: really?.. we're still consider late?
mr.zain: it's ok, the lecturer let you go late.. i won't mark you as absent
sophie: thank you sir..


we were like running all the way to dewan kuliah..

after class we went to bitara siswa..
wanted to withdrawal some money and have lunch..
i check my balance first..

baki : RM19.60

my dad deposited me RM250 last saturday..
why isn't it in yet..??
i am so sengkek right now..
with only RM10 in my pocket.. 3 packs of maggie at home.. RM0.70 creadit hour in my phone..
PTPTN still not in yet..

i've checked the account number numerest time..
again and again just to make sure i didn't gave the wrong account number to my dad..
he sent the money online..
is it the bank???
or is it...urmm.. what??
i dunno..
why does this have to happen to me??!!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Majlis Perlimau Tapak & Perlimau Seni

the reason why i dun take breakfast when i have class in the morning is as follow:

1. i'll get stomachache

2. feel uncomfortable

3. can't focus on what i'm doing

4. sudden sweat on my face

5. i have to go to toilet

and this happen to me right before silat class start.. I only drank mineral water this morning but the effects to my stomach was indescribable..

i was so pump up to do silat this morning especially after i had done my "bussiness" in the toilet..but then...there was another agenda..

" hari ni kita akan adakan majlis perlimau tapak dan perlimau seni. bagi kamu yang masih belum bayar, tak pe, kita guna duit pusat dulu, minggu depan kamu bayar balik", Cikgu Azman.

i thought we were doing silat, i was so dress up for this class, took my wuduk, ready to play with the mud ( cuz it had juz stop raining and the field was wet)...

we head to the anjung 1 at bangunan IPSI.. where the ceremony was held.. it took quite some time cuz there are like 100 of us boys and girls..

bahan-bahan perlimau seni

7 jenis bunga
21 batang jarum
limau serta sabut
lilin serta kemenyan
sireh untuk dimakan

asap2 tu kemenyan..
tggu cikgu azman bg taklimat sikit..

barisan wanita yang menunggu giliran mereka

for women, we only need to take perlimau seni, for the men they took perlimau tapak..

in the water he added someting which i dunno about and something that smelled so nice..

cikgu azman said it was pati bunga..

mmg wangi habes.. hmmm... ( menikmati aroma nyer...)

we have to take our plate with the stuff for perlimau seni and seet infront of him..

before he cut the lime, he'll ask us some question..

cikgu azman: siapa nama kamu?

sophie: namaku shafiah binti sulaiman.

cikgu azman: siapa nama ibu kamu?

sophie: che ann binti mohd tahir.

then he cut the lime.. whose lime fall into the gelung sabut, that means they can join the Pusat Silat Gayong Adoption Program or some sort like that..

then we need to eat the sireh.. i did eat sireh before but that was from thailand..

it's better than this one.. it tasted like.. mmm.. how to say.. spicy like wasabi + bitter + sour = can't swallow it..

but i tried my best to swallow it.. i didn't talk much after eating it..

then we have to eat asam jawa with salt plus 7 little i dunno what..

erkhh... then they gave us water to drink, a box of juice and a banana...

after everyone had eaten their sireh upacara ikrar pula..

ikrar menjadi anak gayong..

then, upacara akad..mcm akad nikah plak.. hehehe..

we have to say..

" aku terima dengan berkat syafaat baginda Rasulullah Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.."

then we finished our Perlimau Tapak & perlimau Seni ceremony..

this ceremony is to just make our body healty and so on..

nothing to do with kepercayaan karut..

adat msuk silat since long ago..

so, we just under go it..

i did my perlimau seni before when i was in f3.. but i juz feel like doing it again..hehehhe..


Friday, January 8, 2010

jejak kasih sekolah kebangsaan gombak setia 2001

after 9 years had passed, suddenly an old friend of my add me in Facebook..
haryati!!!.. xsangka.. jejak kasih kembali..
safiah..rakan sekelas kuh yg menemani kuh maen counter strike masa pekse UPSR..
x study pun & asyik g CC.. tp alhamdulillah kami berdua dpt 5A..
dan ade la lg beberapa yg laen..
sedikit demi sedikit kuh mula jejaki sahabat2 lama..
dri zaman hingusan kini telah berjaya berdiri di menara gading..
bakal doktor, bakal tenyera laut, sume ade..
sgt memberi kejutan kepada ku.
ade juga yg blajar overseas..
TAHNIAH kuh ucapkan..!!!

( kuh barisan tgh2, berdiri, 7 dri kanan.. hehehe..)
gambar mse darjah 6...
kuh dulu pengawas yg sgt garang..
muka pun x ley belah..garang memanjang..
naek f1 msih lg pengawas & still garang..
f1 pegang jawatan setiausaha 2 lembaga pengawas sesi ptg..
satu2 nya dak f1 dpt pegang jawatan..
naek f2 dpt jd pen. ketua pengawas..
malang nya pindah sekolah kat penang plak..
sakit aty.. bru dpt promotion naek pangkat..

interesting friday for sophie..

early morning.. ( well, not that early.. ehehehe ) i woke up even though class had been cancelled, i have to do my CALL asgmnts with chewy in campus.. we went to the library, but unfortunate for us, there was sumthing wrong with the air conditioner, so we were like sweating for a while staying there.. after a few while we went to have our lunch at the same place every time, BitaraSiswa..

akak cafe: korang slalu mkn lewat ae..
sophie: akak da cam kitorang ye?
akak cafe: ye la..
sophie & chewy: ( smiling..)

even the kakak there recognise us now..we always eat like 2pm.. a bit late but we are used to it..3pm we had an appointment with Mr.Zain.. we wanted to ask about the article regarding the writing portfolio..

Mr.Zain: just the two of you is it?
chewy: yes sir..
Mr.Zain: have a, what is it that you wanted to ask?
chewy: urm, can you check my article?..can this be considered as...

( the discussion continues..........................................................)

Mr.Zain: that's all now?
sophie: yes sir, thank ou so much.
Mr.Zain: actually i have a ceramah right now, kalimah Allah, because of you i couldn't go there.
sophie: ( ????? )
Mr.zain: why are you late?
sophie: well, we made the appointment at 3pm.
Mr.Zain: i should have cancelled this appointment because i want to listen to the ceramah ( with smiling face )
chewy: anyway thank you sir..and sorry.. ( with smiling face too )

seriously, should chewy & i be blamed?.. haih.. it's ok..then chewy wanted to take her exam slip from the dean ( her Penasihat Akedemik ).. so, i accompanied her.. the secretary of the dean said 3.30pm meet her up to get the slip, but when we got there she was doing something else, we waited for 20 minutes then she said the dean is not in..come next week and pick the slip up.. urghh!!.. da la ujan, cam x ley jek na msj ckp dekan x de jumaat nih.. there's sumthing call technology.. guna la fon, x pun antar email ke.. ni wat kitorg tggu cam tunggul, then ckp dekan xde.. lau x dia na sruh kitorg tggu tp kitorg da janji ngan lecturer laen na jumpe pukul 4pm, mne sempat.. so kitorg blah jek.. walaupun he's not my PA, tp geram gak.. haih.. then 4pm we went to see Mr.Kanthasamy, asking about kenegaraan group work...

time: 5pm
avenue: taman U 38

before 5pm, we went to a couple of shops cuz chewy na beli tudung.. so i teman kan jek..
it wasn't raining that heavy at that time..but around 4.30pm it was raining catz & dogz.. huh.. lebat woo.. chewy & i berdiri kat tempat berteduh b4 msuk klas cuz ade org lam klas kitorg lg mse uh...
klakar gak tgk gelagat manusia yg elergic ujan nih.. lg2 ompuan.. kne ujan skit da jerit.. haih.. ape laa..
yg pkai wedges & high heel takut ksut dorg rosak lau pijak lopak air..laki x kesah, pkai redah jek..
couples pulak romantik, share payung..hik2..
lam klas ( EC 2 ), only chewy, atul & me the only TESL'ians..
i was selected as the gurls class representative.. yeay!!!
the class was fun though.. 14 boys, 16 girls.. but the lecturer won't allow TESL'ians to stay in the same group for project work..
so, for once in my 2nd semester here, i'm not in the same group with chewy..
uhuk2.. cedey.. cedey..
izzah my friend back in KMP wanted me to be in her group 1st..
chewy doesn't have any group yet.. so i tried to help her find one..
and i did, it was with faizzudin, dak Pengajian Malaysia..
at 1st he agreed and chewy agreed too.. then these chinese guys came to her & ask her if she wants to join them..
to my surprise chewy said yes..
then mne na cmpak Faizzudin??.. then when we get on the bus she keep saying herself how stupid she is..
she just realize that she pushed away pelawaan faiz utk group sama..
smpi malam dia menyesal.. padan muka.. tu la.. elok2 org tolong bg sama group ngan mamat uh, suka2 plak dia pegi stuju ngan dak2 cina uh.. haih..

being class rep nih byk hal la nnt.. bru 1st day da kne kumpul duit na beli buku.. byk btol gne duit la dis sem.. ptptn x msuk lg.. geram tol.. busy semester 2... =/

Thursday, January 7, 2010

..tiring day today..huh..

i woke up late today..
class at 8am.. long queue to get to the bus..
cut line..cuz my chewy was there so i straight away go to her..
the gurls behind me cursed me.. gler tol.. ganaz bebeno pompuan la nih..
got to class juz in time..
then evening class cancel ( literature ).. so off to bitara siswa..
did some work on CALL.. this newsletter..
keep arguing on what topic to choose.. last2 pilih gak tajuk yg asal.. Facebook-holic..
it's like talking 'bout myself too.. hehehe..
then after having our lunch.. we went to the library interviewing people based on out Call asgmnts..
it was good but didn't get wat we really wanted.. we even get the chance to interview a master student in TESL.. wow!!!..
when i got home, i realise i forgot my key.. haih..
x pat na msuk bilik..
da la penat cuz pegi fakulti bahasa cari lecturer..
dia xde.. g malim sarjana cri lecturer.. x de gak..
penat kot.. huarghh!!!
so, di sebabkn kepenatan & lupe bwk kunci i slept in jihah's room..
agak lama..
smpi asar.. from 3.30pm...
then malam ade discussion lg..
apesal cam busy jek padahal jadual x pack mne pun..
asgmnts byk.. discussion byk.. PENAT!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 tuesday..out to pekan tg.malim..

time: 11am
avenue: bus stop infront KUO

i promised chewy to go with her to pekan..
so.. i had to say bye2 to my comfy bed and fulfill my promise..
i have nothing to do in pekan, but it's juz dat i dun wanna chewy to go alone..
she might get chase by dogs.. hehehee..
1st we went to Bank Islam.. she had to pay for semester 2 fees by herself.. she's not taking ptptn.. sumthing biasiswa sarawak.. i'm not sure..
looking at that thick money she's holding ( she had to pay in cash) remind of myself last semester..
holding RM1K++ and knowing that we have to give it away and will no longer be ours is really saddening and hard for us..

then off we went to find a clinic..
chewy has been coughing since 1st day of semester 2..
she refuses to go after paying that chunck of money cuz going to clinic means more money flying out of her pocket..
so, a farmasi was our next destination..
the service there was really good.. juz say wat u want or wat's ur problem is, they will get the medicine for you in split second.. WOOO!!!
nice.. harga pun berpatutan.. bagus2!!!!

next chewy wanted to buy a new backpack.. ok.. org kaya bru nih sronok gak duit msuk byk lam bank..
so, na juga bershopping.. tp brg yg perlu jek.. kot??.. hehehe..
she bought this brown body glove bag..
OMG!!!! why brown??.. i can kill her if i want to cuz I LOVE BROWN!!!!
showing her new brown bag is indeed a pain in my chest.. uhuk..

after buying all the stuff she needed, our stomach starts singing.. ( laparrr!!!! )
well, if u go to pekan ur meal is gonna be KFC 4 sure.. ( mcm popular gler KFC kt Tg.Malim..)
i was so sengkek cuz ptptn x msok lg.. cner na mkn kfc lak nih.. hmm...
then as a a sign of appreciation chewy bought lunch for me..
YEAY!!!! free meal!!!.. hehehehe...
thanx Zafira Sandim!!!!

when we got back i sdidn't straight away go back to my place..
i went to chewy's place instead..
our plan was to discuss CALL.. we did.. then the weather changed..
it was so windy and our stomach was full.. her bed was cosy as mine..
but we fight the tiredness & the feeling of sleepy by watching a movie..
then i had to go back after the rain stopped.. 9pm ade perjumpaan plak..

it was kinda wonderful evening to spend with my chewy..
but next time i dun think i'll go to her place straight away..
cuz her room is so good for sleeping.. hehehehe...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

..first love..MISERMU...

Saigo no kisu wa tabako no flavor ga shita
Nigakute setsunai kaori

Ashita no imagoro ni wa
Anata wa doko ni irundarou
Dare wo omotterundarou

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I'll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashi uta utaeru made

Tachidomaru jikan ga
Ugoki dasouto shiteru
Wasureta kunai kotobakari

Ashita no imagoro niwa
Watashi wa kitto naiteru
Anatawo omotterundarou

You will always be inside my heart
Itsumo anata dake no basho ga aru kara
I hope that I have a place
in your heart too
Now and forever you are still the one
Ima wa mada kanashii love song
Atarashii uta utaeru made

You are always gonna be my love
Itsuka darekato mata koi ni ochitemo
I'll remember to love you taught me how
You are always gonna be the one
Mada kanashii love song
Now and foreve...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Silat Class at Gelanggang Tok Zainal...

time: 7.20am
avenue: 1-6-5 (3)

tatkala ku bukakan mata, kelihatan cerah di tingkap bersebelahan tmpat tidur kak maiza.. mengapakah???.. ku lihat jam pada telefon bimbit ku.. eyh??.. mengapa tidak mahu on??.. ku teringat, ku dgr radio semalam dan lupa untuk off sebelum ku lena dibuai mimpi..hasilnya, bateri kong.. patut la x dgr alarm..nsib baek diri ku msih cuti2 malaysia..hu3.. dgn sepantas kilat ku mengambil tuala dan bahan mandian ku dan menuju ke bilik air.. klas pkul 8am.. gerenti rmai cikgu cikgi yg beratur di bus stop utk ke kelas pg ini.. kerana tidak mahu kelewatan, ku mandi sepantas yg mungkin.. tp bukan mandi P.Ramlee okey.. sementara tu hp ku caj sebentar.. setelah mandi ku on kan hp.. berduyun msj & miss calls.. rakan2 ku berusaha menelefon dan mesej ku bertanya ku sudah bgun atau tidak.. MAAP!!!!.. cepat2 ku bersiap, trun lif dan ke bus stop..

time: 7.35am
avenue: bus stop depan KUO ( Kolej Ungku Omar)

smpi sahaja di bus stop, ramai cikgu cikgi yg sedang berebut naek bs..(normal la tu..).. zaf kerisauan kerana ku sedikit lewat.. sorry...dengan kecekapan kuh menolak & menyelit di antara cikgu cikgi akhirnya ku dpt naek bus jua setelah hampir 15minit berjuang utk naek bus..YES!!!..sampai di destinasi tepat jam 7.53am..

time: 8.00am
avenue: padang 16 ( kampus UPSI, depan pusat Ko-kurikulum)

awaiting for the arrival of cikgu azman, our silat teacher..once we opened the gelanggang, he call upon the juniors dat had taken silat, i went to him with some of the juniors..

cikgu azman: "awak gelanggang mane??"
sofie: "urmm..saya sebenarnya under ayah saya.."
cikgu azman: "sape ayah awak??"
sofie: "cikgu sulaiman..sulaiman sharif.."
cikgu azman: "owh.. yg pegi america dulu tu ye??"
sofie: "ye.. ye saye.."
cikgu azman: "sekarang dia keje ape??"
sofie: "mengajar tusyen di bukit mahkota..kajang..sambil tu ade jugak ajar silat.."
cikgu azman: owh.. baek.. baek.."

dat was our conversation..ehehe.. i left silat for like 5 years.. man.. dat's a long time.. i only got to bengkong putih cula 3..itu pun selepas penyeksaan di GURUN (kedah).. under cikgu majid.. lattihan insentif giler.. penat na mampos woo.. imagine u have to role down gunung jerai for 1 whole level..OUCHH!!!.. bahu kuh lebam wa cakap lu... dlu stamina ku msih ok.. cergas and cerdas..but now.. aihh.. cepat btol penat.. berat perot..huhuhu..lari padang brape round ntah.. then maen lompat2.. pumping.. tu bru skit da mengah2.. msuk bunga tanjung da penat lg.. ulang brape kali daa.. then golongan 10 anak harimau pulak.. penat lagi.. cramp woo kaki lau x biase.. ye la, na duduk gaya kuda2 uh lenguh beb..alhamdulillah ku ingat steps tu semua.. cuma na bg lawa jek.. ni pun sbnr nyer warm up dia bg sikit jek.. latihan pun x msuk kunci and combat lg.. tu pun ade yg rncang na tarik diri da.. mcm satu penyeksaan bg mereka.. bg ku satu peluang yg bgus utk have fun & btol2 berpeluh.. keluarkan tenaga.. u noe... asyik guna otak jek pun bisan woo.. na jugak wat sumthing extreme.. cikgu azman cabar..

"sape yg lepas ni na drop silat..jgn pggil diri sendiri anak melayu..lg2 yg berketurunan jawa.."

pergh.. mcm tu skali..hahahah!!!.. ku x kan tarik diri.. darah pahlawan silat ade mengalir di dalam tubuh badan ku.. bapa ku seorang guru silat yg di hormati.. tidak mugkin akan ku manjatuh kan namanya sebagai anak kandung Cikgu Sulaiaman..( waaa!!!.. dahsyat nyer!!.. insya allah i'll do my best!!.. xD )

tamat class tutup gelanggang.. penat2 jugak.. mula2 x rse sgt.. bila na trun tgga or naek tgga bru ke rasa otot2 kh kejang..pergh!!.. satu nikmat yg x terucap.. tu la.. x nak excercise.. ni la padah nyer.. looking forward for silat next week.. pasti seronok and memenatkan.. hehehe.. sok pg aerobic di gelanngang KHAR.. jom!!!..
bersenam untuk kesihatan tubuh badan dan jantung.. YEAYY!!!

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