Monday, March 28, 2011

Wonderful Week! Wonderful Weekend!

Assalamualaikum and Hello there peeps!

I had a great WEEK! A great WEEKEND!!

Last week, on 17th March, 2011, there was a Choral Speaking competition between all the bathes in TESL program. Since I know the ins and outs of the program, I was told that I cannot participate.

So, I help them out in sorting things out and Chewy came out with the script after brain storming with our team.

Discussing a bit.

Even though atas jalan and memalam, kitorg still bersemangat.

What is the name of our team? Well, we didn’t come out with any name. But I like to call our team The Blue-ish Blue because all of them were wearing blue ‘baju kurung’  for the competition.

Yeah! The Blue-ish Blue!

The title for our script was The Thoughtful Teacher. Yeah! It was fun. But maybe we need a lil bit more practice, then we’ll be SUPER-GEMPAK. Hehe.

Check out the pics! Sorry I didn’t have enough time to make a comic out of it. I was planning to, but then my weekend was packed.

Semester 6 won the first place, followed by Diploma Semester 1 and us, semester 4 in the third place. But it’s okay. We’ll beat Diploma Semester 1 next sem.. hahaha!!..

Practice! Practice!

Supporters! Hoyeah!

2nd place, Diploma Semester 1.  =D

IPSA students together with the winners.

1st place, Semester 6!  =D
Burn! Burn! Burn! Best Performance!

Our Hamper! Yeah!

Celebrating @ Mamak!  XD

Go Semester 4! Go!!

Eppa, Elly & Nina were SUPER-Nice cuz they spent more than 1 hour I think, making a SUPER-CUTE banner to support our batch during the competition.

To make this competition much more fun, our Hot Senior, Gerdashlie, performed too that night.
Oh! I've got to say this, he's HOT!!!

Then, the IPSAH students also performed! It was SUPER-FUN!!

Our sweet Dr. Hashima also dance along! We had a SUPER-GREAT-TIME that night!
The KJ (Ketua Jabatan) was there too. Man, I was sweating of excitement that night even though the air-cond was in full blast! Haha!!

We went to Mamak after the competition, all 20++ of us. Just for celebration. It seems like our hard work ( hard work ke? Hard work la tuuu... hehe) paid off. Practice day and night, sacrificing our time to do our assignments.

Insya-Allah, next semester, I'm going to hold more competition and FUN of course. Vote for me ya!

Now the fun starts. On 26th & 27th March, three of us, Chewy, Yufi and me, attended an Archery Course.

 Encik Kamil, our instructor invited Encik Zul Izzi From the Malaysian Archery Club and our very own 
Malaysian Archerer, Encik Marbawi bin Sulaiman. I felt so honoured for them to come here in UPSI, Tg. Malim and teach us.

Nice shot ey?..  =D

The scenery at KAB.

Encik Marbawi Sulaiman..  =D

Focus tuuuu...~~~~

Barisan pemanah terhebat.. hehe..

Marks: 10, 9, 7... hehehe... ye la tuu..

Yeah, dat's me in red.. haha!!...

From the left: Pengarah Program, En.Kamil, En. Izzi & En. Marbawi.

1st place winner, Yufi!! 

Happy faces!! Yeah!!

Fighting for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.

I don't have much to say as I'm lost of words. ( iye la tuuu..)

But the pictures will explain everything... hehe..

What I can say is that, we had so much fun for the whole two days, even though we had to wake up early in the morning and stay there in KAB & KZ the whole day, chilling in the Masjid and play with the cats.

It was tiring, and gave arm-ache to most of us.. and in my case, one big blue-ish purple-ish reddish BRUISE!

Regardless of all the pain and tiresome, we had an incredible day and I'm really glad that I took part in it.

I shall continue in archery if I were to be given any chance. That's for sure!

Well, we're going to have like a mini tournament next week and I'm really looking forward for it.

Hopefully, this time I can beat Yufi.. heheh..

That's it peeps!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Friends All Around. =)

Assalamualaikum and hye there!

What is my entry all about? Well, I don’t know. I just feel like, so emotional right now and that my friends are being SUPER-SWEET to me although they have been like that all the time.

Actually, this month has been a real rough month for me. So many things happened and tested me both physically and emotionally, I mean like seriously.

One can pretend that he or she is okay, but what is going one with him or her inside, no one knows.

March is the month where most of us IPT’s students get really stressful. To top up the stress that is already there for me to face, there are more problems that got out of hand that I need to solve. Man! This is challenging.

What is that big thing all about, well, let’s just say, something that allows me to see the true colours of people around me.

Enough of that, let me tell you what I’ve been through since last night till now.
Yesterday, I was really not in this world. My mind was somewhere else. I couldn’t focus on a single THING! Tried to read the plays, I can’t focus. Wanted to do blog analysis, I end up day dreaming. Then at night I was suppose to go for a discussion regarding the script for choral speaking. I didn’t give much idea as I was not prepared at all and I feel bad about it.

But, there goes my sweet friends, giving their best in contributing ideas and discussing along with me and Chewy. And there goes my Chewwy Mewwy who is not even taking part in this competition to help out with the script and willing to edit it for us.

Later after the discussion, Gie, Wanie, Chewy and me went to the Mamak. I was having headache at that time (up till now, cause of headache=unknown) but I still went along ‘cause I can’t stand staying in my room at that time.

Buih x byk, but still okay lorhh...

Sedap dimakan time hujan2 memalam gituh.

Wanie: Sedap lah..nak order satu la..
(and she did..  ^^, )

Lazat sehingga jilat jari? (walaupun mkn gne fork?)             

I ordered toast-ey  (Prof. Rod Ellis)

              Roti tissue wajib setiap kali mkn kat sni.              

Kan dah kata.. wanie order jugak.. ehehe..

There, I accidentally pour out the things I have been keeping inside of me this whole time.

 I know I did tell Chewy regarding this matter, but I just need to get it all out of my chest that night, It’s been bothering me and haunting me in a way and I seriously can’t STUDY!

Gie, Wanie and Chewy being SUPER-SWEET, listened to me and gave their opinions about it which I really do need at that time. Thank you so much dear for the time and attention and love.  ;)

Then, later today, Effa said this;

“ Fie, I bought cuttle fish. Later tonight you come by my house ya. I wanna make you Sambal Sotong. This is actually your birthday gift. I cannot make it before because I was ill. Sorry Fie.”

I was like “WHAT???!!!”

How much sweeter can a friend be to you? Her reason, that was her 1st intention in giving me gift for my birthday, so she’s going to do it. And all that happened in Wanie’s car with Bruno Mars’s song playing Long Distance. Man, to me it was an emotional moment though it may look funny at that time and it was like a joke. I took Effa’s word like seriously.

All my friends around be understand me for who I am. They always support me and always being sweet to me. I’ve been complaining of being single this whole time as if I don’t get enough love, but when I look around, I have all this SUPER-SWEET friends all around me who are willing to comfort me whenever I need them.

I shouldn’t have complained about anything when I have GOOD FRIENDS all around me.

Ya Allah, aku bersyukur atas nikmat kurniaan-Mu ini. Alhamdulillah.



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